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Mother Of The Bride Gowns Don’t Have To Be Matronly

mother of the bride dress

Today, women look younger and fitter than ever before, and modern mother of the bride dresses reflect this new sensibility. In fact, many women are looking for chic mother of the bride dresses that don’t feel remotely matronly or dated. Luckily, fashion designers are listening – they’ve created a host of gorgeous styles that highlight the confident, mature beauty of women in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s.

From dramatic, formal full-length dresses to fitted suits, mother of the bride dresses don’t have to be staid or boring. We’ve put together some exciting choices for every type of wedding…from intimate to large-scale and formal…and we’ve found some stunning suits and evening dresses in a rainbow-riot of elegant, flattering hues, shapes, and fabrics:

Feminine & Ladylike…This Pretty Suit Is Perfect For A Small To Medium-Sized Wedding

mother of the bride dress

A ladylike suit is really a classic choice for any small or medium-sized wedding, and it’s so versatile, too…after all, the two-piece style shown above can be worn with the jacket, or as a sleek chemise dress (as shown below).

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Choosing a dress and jacket combination from the Best For Bride wedding store also gives you more options for an outdoor wedding, when Mother Nature may bring hot sunshine one moment, and grey, dreary skies the next…being able to add or remove a layer can also be a great way to have fun during wedding photos – you can experiment with a sleeveless look, and then cover up for the next round of photos.

Lastly, a two-piece suit is probably the mother of the bride outfit that is most likely to be worn again, after the wedding…simply because it is so traditional and classic. Unlike the bride’s lovely white wedding dress, your suit can be worn again and again…

mother of the bride gown

A Shot Of Color Looks Amazing… For A More Casual Wedding, Accessorize With A Fitted Cardigan

mother of the bride dresses

Rich ruby red flatters every skin tone…for porcelain-pale mothers of the bride, it adds a little fire and color to the complexion…for darker-skinned women, it brings out a warm, vibrant glow.

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If you’re mulling over which color to choose for your son or daughter’s wedding, think about the rest of your wardrobe…what’s the color you always get compliments on? If it’s red, you should consider a chic sheath dress, such as the shimmery ruby design shown above. This dress can be made more casual when you add a pretty, fitted knit cardigan with three-quarter sleeves; if you want to dress up the look, add a lacy shawl, drop earrings, and delicate sandals…

Picking out a ruby gown for your son or daughter’s wedding can be excellent way to find a piece that does double duty at festive holiday parties…to accessorize, all you need is a reddish lip stain (if you’re not into red lipstick, choose pinkish-brown, or nude-toned lip color) and high heels – if you need more style ideas, visit our online bridal store…you can order any dress you like, and have it sent right from our bridal boutique, right to your front door.

Feel Regal In Royal Purple…This Gown Is Perfect For A Formal Wedding Celebration

mother of the bride gowns

In medieval times, only high-born members of the nobility were permitted to wear purple – it was truly the color of royalty; today, every woman can feel like a queen by choosing this rich, majestic shade. Drape yourself in dramatic purple to feel beautiful on your son or daughter’s wedding day – the simple lines of the gown shown above are the perfect complement for this striking and fashionable hue.

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Ladylike cap sleeves and glamorous embellishments add high-fashion details that are still subtle and elegant. To accessorize, wear your hair up, and choose a strong lipcolor to balance the saturated tones of your royal purple dress…


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  1. These gowns looks great, can’t imagine how’s my mom looks she decided to buy her own dress instead of go shopping with me, she wants to surprise me on my big day. Hopefully one these gowns!

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