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Edgier Wedding Looks For Brides-To-Be

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Some brides-to-be aren’t interested in the tried-and-true…they’re looking for edgier fashion that really reflects their personal style. If you love alternative rock music, funky home décor and art, and a more offbeat sense of style, you’ll appreciate the cool new wedding dresses we’re showcasing here.

These white bridal gowns are perfect for brides-to-be who want to be themselves as they walk down the aisle; these gowns can be accessorized with strong makeup, creative hairstyles, and wild shoes!

While these bridal dress styles may not fit the traditional “princess” mold, they will be perfect for the edgier bride-to-be!

Channel Katy Perry’s Retro-Glam Look On Your Wedding Day

bridal dress

Celebs, such as pop singer Katy Perry, wear wild outfits with a “costume” vibe – in the case of Katy Perry, her personality (and persona) are strong enough to carry off tons of embellishments, body-conscious bustiers, and fabulous metallic accents.

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The wedding dress shown above would be perfect for Katy Perry, who recently wed British actor/comedian Russell Brand; the silver-and-white bustier design elements on this high-style bridal dress are certainly not for the meek or tame! Gowns like these are meant for confident women, who naturally give off bubbly, playful energy; at the same time, they are very seductive frocks that look amazing in wedding photos…

If you love to be the center of attention, and to push the envelope with edgy style that has a distinct vintage feel, you’ll adore this form-fitting, glamorous bridal gown design.

This gown plays up curves, by drawing the eye to the decollétage and throat – it also lights up an already-radiant bride-to-be’s complexion with tons of sparkly, shimmering appliqués.

To get the Katy Perry look on your wedding day, choose crimson lipstick (Loreal’s Drumbeat Red is an elegant, true red) or fuschia lipcolor, and play up the eyes with black liquid eyeliner along the top lashes. For a playful retro hairstyle look, add a headband with a bow, or a glam barrette embellished with rhinestones or other faux-gemstones…

Display Alternative Elegance With A Unique New Wedding Dress Silhouette

wedding gown

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Show off an edgy new type of wedding day look by embracing cutting-edge design that veers off the beaten path…the gown shown above is romantic, yet unusual, and it really suits that type of girl who’d rather wear Doc Martens than Manolo Blahniks. If you’re interested in flattering your figure and wearing traditional white, while also reflecting your own unique sense of style, this could be the bridal dress you’ve been waiting for. When you’re shopping for dresses for wedding, always consider edgier styles that feel really embrace your aesthetic.

This gown shows the shoulders, and features exquisite tailoring through the midriff; a straight satin skirt flows past the thighs, then erupts into romantic waves of filmy tulle, trimmed in pure white, scalloped lace. Ideal for a leaner, more boyish build, this gown adds curves while still retaining a sleek, elegant, and postmodern look. Accessories should be kept minimal – a strong hairstyle and ethereal makeup (such as smokey gray and silver eyeshadows, and peaches-and-cream blush) will be all you need to rock this edgy look.

Edgy Can Be Elegant When You Know How To Accessorize The Look


wedding dress

Do you love the classic looks sported by fashion icons, such as the late Jackie Kennedy Onassis, or the notorious Duchess of Windsor? If you do, you’re not alone – many women long for a touch of this clean, elegant glamour in their own wedding dresses. These fashion icons were very unique during their lifetimes – instead of copying others, they made their own style, simply by choosing fashions that flattered their strong facial features and body types.

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You can get the same timeless elegance, with a touch of edgy sexiness, by choosing the wedding gown shown above. It is literally sheer elegance, and it’s devastatingly beautiful! Accessorize this amazing gown and sheer jacket with a wavy bob, and elegant jewelry, such as long, beaded necklaces or ropes of pearls. Add a little hat with a veil if you’re feeling daring. Shoes should be elegant as well – if you’re tall, wear satin flats; for petite brides, satin high heels with very little embellishment will be perfect.

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