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All About Wedding Cakes: What to Ask your Baker

Weddings won’t be complete without wedding dresses and wedding favours. In the same way, this very important day in your life won’t mean that much without wedding cakes. The wedding decorations – Toronto or elsewhere – will also add to the festivity of the moment.

Wedding cakes are an important part of the wedding ceremony. The slicing of the cake is very symbolic – representing the very first thing that the couple does together. As such, this tradition talks about commitment and unity.

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Be that as it may, it becomes important then that you properly choose your wedding cake. Aside from being a tradition, wedding cakes also serve as the centrepiece in your wedding decor. Properly choosing your wedding cakes means having a heart-to-heart talk with your baker. This way, you can communicate your expectations, and he/she can confirm if they can deliver.

So before you sign any contract, ask your baker the following points first:

1. Their portfolio

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The portfolio will act as the resume of your baker. This will be a collection of the different designs and styles of wedding cakes that your baker has made. By simply looking at them, you will have an idea as to the creativity and “craftsmanship” of your baker. The portfolio will also make you see if that particular baker has what it takes to be your supplier. After all, you will be putting in his hands one of the most important aspects of your wedding day.

By looking at their portfolio, you also get to check if your baker has prior experience in customizing wedding cakes. Most brides would prefer to have a cake that is made and designed especially for them.

2. Will there be free tasting?

Another important thing to do is to ask your confectioner if there will be a tasting. Most suppliers of wedding cakes will agree to this – so confirm if the vendor that you are eyeing for will be able to grant you this request.

With free tasting, of course, you’ll have an idea as to how each kind of frosting tastes. This shall give you peace of mind during your actual wedding day. After all, it is always best that you know how the food – including wedding cakes – in your reception will taste like. The last comment that you want to hear is how awful your wedding cake tastes like.

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3. When will it be prepared?

Another important thing to ask your baker is the time/date at which your wedding cake will be baked. Make sure that your wedding cake will not be baked more than 10 days before your wedding. To ensure freshness, make sure that the icing will be made not more than 2 days before the wedding date.

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4. Set up and Delivery Arrangements

You must also check if your supplier would deliver the cake and even set it up for you. Some wedding cakes are so huge that they need expert hands – something that your baker has solid experience on.

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These are but few of the things that you need to ask your prospective baker. Once you get an affirmative answer to each of the questions, then you’re good to go. So, order away!

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  1. Yummy, celebration and happiness must be on focus. We are in different tastes me and my fiance are having a simple flat cake, it does not need to be the center of attention for us.

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