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When two brides are better than one: Wedding dress ideas for lesbian weddings

A bride in white, gliding down the aisle is a sight to behold. So, how about two brides in focus on a wedding day?

Choosing dresses for two brides can be confusing, as there are so many things to consider. Do you both wear dresses, or is it better that one wears a dress, and the other a suit?

Well, it all boils down to wearing what you look great and feel comfortable in. If you are planning your wedding sometime in the near future, here are some dress pairings you may like to look at.

Both in dresses that are similar, but not exactly the same.

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Modern bridal collections bring out dresses that are similar in many aspects, yet unique in their own way. If you want a cohesive look, consider dresses that match, but aren’t entirely similar. This way, both of you look matched, without compromising on individual style. The similarities could be in the fabric, neckline or pattern.

Wedding dress and white wedding pant suit

If either of you wouldn’t like to wear a dress, there are plenty of other options. One of the most popular choices is the wedding pant suit, which is a two-piece formal attire in white. It is stylish by itself, but can be accessorized too. It is one choice that competes with a fabulous wedding dress, and can create the same impact.

White wedding dresses that are entirely different

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If both the brides want to wear dresses, but don’t like the idea of being too similar, they can choose two different gowns that reflect their personalities. One factor to keep in mind, is that your choice of attire should be complementary, as certain fabrics and colors don’t pair well.

If you want to keep the looks entirely distinct, here are some options to consider

  • Modern sheath silhouette with traditional ball gown
  • Mermaid inspired gown with A-line dress
  • Short hemline dress with modern Grecian inspired gown
  • Colored wedding gown with minimalist wedding dress

Traditional wedding dress and Suit with vest, button down shirt, tie and trousers

To sport the traditional style of bride and groom, one of the brides can choose a stylish suit while the other wears a traditional wedding dress. Add drama to the masculine attire, by pairing it with fantastic heels. For an updated twist from the traditional style, consider checkered or printed shirts, or an unusual shade for your vest, so it oozes with style.

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Don’t forget the impact of the location, color theme and the accessories you choose. Remember that there is more scope for glamour and glitz at your lesbian wedding. So, play it to the most.

At Best for Bride, our collection features dresses of all types. Take a look at our online gallery, and you are bound to find the wedding outfits that the two of you would love. Book your appointment with us, and whether the two of you come shopping together, or separately, we will make sure you enjoy the experience.

7 thoughts on “When two brides are better than one: Wedding dress ideas for lesbian weddings

  1. I like the idea of having one in a suit and the other in a dress. For some reason, that idea escaped my mind.

  2. I guess I can see why you might want to use two similar dresses. The first thought of mine was one suit and one dress.

  3. Lesbian wedding. Very interesting and really something to think about while planning one.

    1. This is pretty good information if you are a lesbian couple, don’t you think?

  4. Never really even considered this. However, it is a great idea to have these options available for those types of weddings.

  5. Great topic. Neither of us are “suit/tux” girls, so we both bought dresses. We agreed to both get some flavour of ivory so that the colours would be in the same family of white. We do not want to see each others’ dress until the ceremony. We also agreed that whomever got theirs first “won”, meaning the other would have to ensure they looked good together. We had a couple of friends look at photos of both before the 2nd dress was purchased just to make sure they weren’t too similar or too different or too “something”. We had 2x the dress stress! Feeling good that this major task is done 🙂

    1. Very well said.

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