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Wedding dress styles for bold and daring brides

Lee Bigtree, Fashion director at Oleg Cassini in her interview with The Knot comments, “ In our current society and culture, pretty much anything goes. If it makes you look and feel your very best, and it’s what you want to say, and you can pull it off, it can work.”

I absolutely agree with her, as we’ve recently been seeing this trend at Best for Bride. It is common for us to have brides ask for the most unusual and unexpected wedding dress styles. The modern woman wants to be unique and special on her wedding day, even while she looks and feels important.

Wedding designers recognize this need of the modern-day bride. So, it is only natural that they have come up with impressively bold and daring collections that cater to this requirement. These powerful dresses undoubtedly appeal to self-assured and confident women who want their strong personality show in their wedding trousseau. We feature many such dresses in our vast inventory of wedding dress collections.

I expect you will find enough inspiration here to plan your bridal look. Let me show you some of the popular bold and daring wedding dresses we carry. And don’t forget to let us know which of these is your favorite in the comments section below.

Wedding dress with colored bodice

There is something remarkably intriguing about a white wedding dress with a colored bodice. Despite the look being mainly white, a simple addition of color will drastically alter the overall effect. Whether the bodice has a muted color or a bright one, there is a definite injection of personality into the bridal look. I think this is an attractive new way to incorporate the colors of your wedding theme into the bridal look. Here is a dress from the Sans Pareil collection that features this effect.

This is the Sans Pareil Dress 935 that features a blush bodice with silver and bead embroidery in the sweetheart bodice. It has a heavily layered ball gown skirt, and features an abundance of textures that with a bodice that beautifully complements it. A definite choice for the bride who wants a non-traditional look without making it too extreme.

Wedding dress with deep-dip neckline

Confidence is the middle name of the modern bride, and what better way to show it off than with a dress with a daring neckline detail. Low-cut V-necklines with or without modesty panels on them have been on the scene for a long time now. However, this choice isn’t for the faint at heart, as not all brides want to invite scandal on their wedding day. Nevertheless, there are brides who can carry it off with style and are long remembered for the sexy-and-stunning bridal day look. This ravishing beauty from the Sophia Tolli collection is a perfect example.

The Y21667 Lucia from the Mon Cheri designer collection has a pleated bodice that extends into shoulder straps and frames a deep and wide V-neckline in the center. Illusion details in crystal and bead embroidery embellish the V-neckline all the way from the collar bones to the waist. Although these details add coverage to the entire area, there is no denying the fact that the exposed neckline is mysterious and creates intrigue. The signature neckline detail makes the pleated chiffon dress truly unique. To take a closer look at this dress, visit this link to our website.

Wedding dresses with sheer midriff

Brides do not usually hesitate to try on or choose dresses with strapless necklines, despite the fact that they expose greater part of the shoulders and neckline. Nevertheless, the trend of showing off the midriff is a newer one and less common. After all, it is not something that everyone can carry off. New designer wear collections however, explore the potential of this look. There are a number of designs with lace and sheer bodices that conceal the bust but leave the midriff to view. Take a look at these beauties from the Sans Pareil collection.

This dress features splendid re-embroidered lace appliques that extend all over the sheer bodice. The lace motifs form a necklace detail at the neckline and extend in a sweetheart bodice fashion up to the waistline. You can notice that there are panels that cover only the bust area beneath it. This evidently draws attention to the sheer midriff area which also has an embellished waistband around it.

Here is another dress from the Sans Pareil collection with similar features.

This Sans Pareil 924 has cap sleeves and a sheer bodice formed out of stunning lace appliques. The bust area has solid fabric cups concealing it. However, the rest of the bodice doesn’t have an underlay layer for the lace. Thus it reveals the midriff area, making this a bold design. With a fit and flare skirt as well, the dress highlights the natural body shape of the bride.

Barely-there bodice with 3-D motifs as embellishments

Taking the sheer bodice effect as step further are wedding dresses with barely-visible bodices. The bodice is usually made with sheer fabric. These dresses often feature beautiful but delicate details in the bodice. The most attractive factor about them is their wispy, barely-there effect. Certainly not suitable for traditional weddings and those held in a house of worship, these dresses are nonetheless arresting and unique in their own right. Here is a sample.

This dress is again from the Sans Pareil collection. Almost fully see-through floral lace in dainty wisps covers the entire bodice of this wedding dress. While solid cups conceal the bust area, the rest of the upper torso is fully exhibited in this bold design. The dress also features a beautiful pink embellished waistband and a gently pleated skirt. It has a striking overall effect. The unusual top balances out the simple details in the skirt. The exquisite bodice design stretches into shoulder straps over a corset in the back.

Full-open back detail

Many a modern bride has the confidence to carry off daring wedding dresses with intriguing features not only in the front, but also in the rear. The safer option is to choose an illusion or sheer neckline. However, nothing compares with the attractive style of a back that opens all the way up to the waistline. It is a perfect dress feature for a bride who wants a wedding dress with a touch of glamour. This Alfred Angelo gown will show you what we mean!

This breathtaking dress is the Alfred Angelo 2547, that features all-over lace and cap sleeves. The fit and flare gown however, has its signature element in the full-open back detail that reveals the well-toned back of the beautiful bride in it. The shoulder straps have lace embellishments. This lace continues along the edges of the back, and frames an almost V-like shape. It adds a touch of elegance to the open-neck design in this part of the dress.

Non-white wedding dress

When we think of a bride, the image that comes to mind is of a lady in a ravishing gown in white. Today’s brides however step away from convention without a qualm, when they embrace colors in their wedding day ensemble. From colored bodices and all-over colored dresses to bridal gowns with colorful prints, embellishments and embroidery, we’ve seen it all. Here are two of our favorites. They are bound to make a statement on your special day.

This flattering feminine pink gown from the Sans Pareil collection is both elegant and enchanting. Shimmering strands of crystal embellishments add shine and sparkle to the entire length of the gown. The fit and flare gown features a dainty sheer neckline and T-shirt sleeves over a deep-cut sweetheart bodice. The deviation from traditional pink is what first captures our eye. However, the soft muted color is both classic and romantic. I think this dress is a spectacular masterpiece that is perfect for a bride.

Princess-like and perfect for the bridal look, here is another muted pink wedding dress from the Sans Pareil collection. And, this is one that is sure to turn heads. The tiered skirt detail adds a special effect to the already elaborate design. Signature lace details in the tier balance out the beautiful lace motifs along the neckline and sleeves of the gown. It has a fitted bodice and a beautiful sheer neckline. Overall, this romantic wedding dress is simply stunning and the perfect choice for the bold bride.

Extravagant ball gown

The ball gown is the traditional wedding dress silhouette. However, it doesn’t really have many takers these days. Often described as meringue-like, many brides feel it is too over-the-top for their liking. The adventurous bride however finds this an interesting dress style to make a statement on her wedding day. With additional features like ruffles, tassels and lace, the elaborate ball gown can look striking and attractive. Here is a dress from the Mori Lee collection that does just this.

The Mori lee 2815 is a dramatic wedding gown in a ball gown silhouette. It has thick and tiered ruffles adding to the overall impact . Frothy waves cascade from the waistline all the way down to full-length, and create a big impression. A stunning embellished bodice with a flourish of crystal embellished details adds further impact to the beautiful design. Although heavy and elaborate, no bride has to worry about being overlooked in a dress with these details.

Caped beauties

Accessories are a must-have for every bride. We have seen brides experiment with various options, from belts and sashes to veils and jewelry. Capes are a recent entry on the scene. These continue to be the accessory-of-choice for the bride who wants a unique look on her special day. This is an accessory that flows down from the shoulders to floor length. The cape magically transforms any dress. Take a look at this dress from the Disney collection.

The snow princess from the movie Frozen is the inspiration behind this dress, the 259 Elsa. The signature icon in this dress is it’s cape attachment. This quickly changes the effect of the dress from good to stunning! The cape attaches to the off-the-shoulder neckline and flutters to full-length. It eliminates the need for a veil, the traditional accessory of choice. Yet, it yields an impact that beats a veil any day. The scattering of golden sparkle along the bodice culminates in an embellished waistband that separates both halves.

Bridal pant suits

The final, but most unconventional bridal dress is the bridal pant suit. This is often chosen by brides who aren’t comfortable in dresses. It is also the choice of dress for mature brides. It is also often spotted at lesbian weddings. Bridal pant suits aren’t technically dresses. Even so, it is a fresh alternative that is just as impressive as a regular wedding dress. Designer wedding bridal suits come in all shapes and sizes. They can be well-tailored, fitted designs or even loose bridal jumpsuits. Accessories like veils and bouquets pair well with this wedding dress style, and often complete the bridal trousseau in style.

The Alfred Angelo 2516 is a bridal pant suit that never fails to impress. The loosely flared divided skirt resembles a dress, with pleated details and a wide hemline. However, it is convenient and comfortable. It is definitely an unexpected take on a bridal pant suit. The dress also features a textured halter-neck bodice that makes it an amazing choice for a casual-theme wedding or a destination event.

All the dresses featured here belong to the bridal dress collection at Best for Bride. Find all of them and many more at our bridal dress inventory here. Now tell us which of these do you think is the best for your wedding day? Or do you think they are all too unconventional for your taste? Let us know your thoughts and comments!


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When two brides are better than one: Wedding dress ideas for lesbian weddings

A bride in white, gliding down the aisle is a sight to behold. So, how about two brides in focus on a wedding day?

Choosing dresses for two brides can be confusing, as there are so many things to consider. Do you both wear dresses, or is it better that one wears a dress, and the other a suit?

Well, it all boils down to wearing what you look great and feel comfortable in. If you are planning your wedding sometime in the near future, here are some dress pairings you may like to look at.

Both in dresses that are similar, but not exactly the same.

Modern bridal collections bring out dresses that are similar in many aspects, yet unique in their own way. If you want a cohesive look, consider dresses that match, but aren’t entirely similar. This way, both of you look matched, without compromising on individual style. The similarities could be in the fabric, neckline or pattern.

Wedding dress and white wedding pant suit

If either of you wouldn’t like to wear a dress, there are plenty of other options. One of the most popular choices is the wedding pant suit, which is a two-piece formal attire in white. It is stylish by itself, but can be accessorized too. It is one choice that competes with a fabulous wedding dress, and can create the same impact.

White wedding dresses that are entirely different

If both the brides want to wear dresses, but don’t like the idea of being too similar, they can choose two different gowns that reflect their personalities. One factor to keep in mind, is that your choice of attire should be complementary, as certain fabrics and colors don’t pair well.

If you want to keep the looks entirely distinct, here are some options to consider

  • Modern sheath silhouette with traditional ball gown
  • Mermaid inspired gown with A-line dress
  • Short hemline dress with modern Grecian inspired gown
  • Colored wedding gown with minimalist wedding dress

Traditional wedding dress and Suit with vest, button down shirt, tie and trousers

country weddingImage Credit:masterdesigner,via Flickr, [CC BY 2.0]

To sport the traditional style of bride and groom, one of the brides can choose a stylish suit while the other wears a traditional wedding dress. Add drama to the masculine attire, by pairing it with fantastic heels. For an updated twist from the traditional style, consider checkered or printed shirts, or an unusual shade for your vest, so it oozes with style.

Don’t forget the impact of the location, color theme and the accessories you choose. Remember that there is more scope for glamour and glitz at your lesbian wedding. So, play it to the most.

At Best for Bride, our collection features dresses of all types. Take a look at our online gallery, and you are bound to find the wedding outfits that the two of you would love. Book your appointment with us, and whether the two of you come shopping together, or separately, we will make sure you enjoy the experience.

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Ideas for an entirely unique bridal look

Have you ever wondered why even the most bold women choose to dress conservatively on their wedding day? If you take a look at the wedding pictures of your friends, it is likely that you will find them to be similar and safe. Weddings are the occasion when nobody wants to take a risk.

Why don’t you do something different and surprise everyone, for a change? It doesn’t take too much to make a statement, and here are some ideas to make sure your wedding look is unique and memorable.

Colored gowns

via Best for Bride

For those of you who are really bold enough to defy tradition, choose a colored gown. Or if you aren’t fond of white, don’t settle for it on your wedding day. You will find stunning wedding gowns in every color of the rainbow, so pick the color that suits your skin tone the best. If you do not want to go all the way with color, how about choosing a white gown with a colorful print on it instead? There are plenty of white gowns with contrasting black details, but you can also find ones with embellishments in different colors.

Unique hair accessories

via Best for Bride

Pep up your bridal ensemble with one or two oversize accessories. The obvious choice is to use a large, but beautiful hairpiece or you could switch it for a large flower or a floral headband. Other options include chunky necklaces and colorful waistbands.

Two-piece wedding dresses

Replace the traditional long flowing wedding gown with a two-piece ensemble. My Lady Designs bridal collection, for example, allows you to mix and match any skirt with any bodice from the collection to create your own unique dress.

via Best for Bride

For the bride who wants something really different, you can even switch out the wedding gown for a pant suit instead. With this choice, your guests will always remember you unconventional, not to mention unusual look.

A hat and a veil

Replace the traditional tiara or headpiece with a hat over your veil. Wondering how you will turn out in it? You will undoubtedly be a picture-perfect bride. Perfect for an outdoor garden wedding, consider this option if your wedding style is casual or semi-formal.

Unconventional shoes


How about stepping out of those uncomfortable heels and wearing a pair of comfy sneakers to your wedding? Or pair your wedding dress with a stunning pair of knee high boots. It is up to you to choose whether you would like to show off your shoes or keep them hidden under your wedding dress and keep your guests guessing what it is that you’ve chosen to wear.

A shorter hemline

via Best for Bride

The traditional wedding gown is long and white. But, you can always step up the drama by choosing a shorter hemline. The length of your dress can range from knee length to ankle length, and you can even pair it with a colorful underskirt for a vintage look. An asymmetrical hemline like you see in this Mori Lee gown would render you the epitome of style. With a shorter wedding dress, you can be certain of one thing—it will be practical, stylish and unique.

Which of these fashion-forward bridal dress ideas would you consider for a unique wedding day look? To take a closer look at these fantastic wedding dresses featured here or for more wedding tips and advice, visit us on Best for Bride.