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Wedding Gown Styles for Older Brides

Wedding Gown Styles for Older Brides

These days, older brides have a large collection of wedding gowns to choose from, just like the younger brides. Many fashion designers are launching elegant and modest lines for mature brides. If you are looking for wedding gowns for older brides, you should choose the style that you can wear well as well as one that suits your personality.

Let’s take a look at some of the styles that you can consider.

For the most part, skirt suits were the best dresses in previous years. However, changing fashion trends have given older brides wedding gowns which are more fabulous and fancy. You now have the option to flaunt the most fashionable style from a regular bridal collection.

The first option to consider would be an elegant full length gown that is designed with the right curves and cuts to fit well. A full length dress with sweeping train will be a great choice if you are a tall bride. You could consider a chapel length train or calf length dress if you want one of the semi-formal wedding gowns for older brides.

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wedding gowns for older brides

Lace gowns give a romantic and luxurious feel so they are also hot favorites for mature brides. With a full length and a well-fitted bodice, these gowns can give brides a look that is exquisite and stunning. When exploring the different bridal gown designs, you can check out the off shoulder, single shoulder caps, strapless style with a string corset top, lace shoulder-cap sleeves, deep V neck-line with broad shoulders and the full lace or full sheer sleeves. In addition to lace gowns, silk, satin, organza, sheers with satin or cotton lining and linen are also good fabrics to consider.

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If you are a mature bride with the perfect figure, you could look really trendy in a one-piece, empire waist wedding gown. Some other wedding gowns for older brides include the two piece designs with accents such as waist pinched or gathered pleats at the waistline, belts and bows, body fitted styles with side slit and flowy dresses with cascading layers.

When it comes to color, white is the most popular choice for wedding gowns, but you can also look beautiful in other shades. Who knows, you might want to wear a bold red gown to make a statement as a younger looking mature bride. For sober options, you could look at soft pink, pearl base with adornments, sky blue to get a fresh look or magenta to get a feminine and youthful finish.

With the wedding gowns for older brides available in so many styles, you are sure to find a stunning dress that can suit your personality and figure very well. Just be sure to try different lengths, patterns, fabrics and colors before making the final decision.

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5 thoughts on “Wedding Gown Styles for Older Brides

  1. Age wouldn’t make any problem choosing the bride’s gown. Any bride will have to wear whatever fits her. A piece of cloth may fit a young girl as well as an aged one and the opposite is also true.

  2. I’m looking for bit more coverage and age appropriate gowns great for ages 50-60. Lucky to had a chance read this post. Thank you great post.

    1. Hi there!
      I’m creating an original magazine for brides over the age of 50 and saw that you were looking for age appropriate gowns a few years back- I would love to speak to you about what your wedding was like and how you found the experience of being a slightly more mature bride! Please feel free to email me or phone me on 07543862027 for a quick chat, thanks so much!

    2. It is a great article and it is full of tips. Good luck!

  3. Hmm, I want the gown that makes me look like Meryl Streep. I agree with Jasmine – a bride should pick a gown that suits her personality rather than her age. That said, I’m glad to hear they have gowns designed for a more mature figure. Every woman should look beautiful on her wedding day.

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