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Dazzle on D day Or The wedding bells a ringing

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The union of two soul mates encompasses the basic idea of a wedding. It is definitely a very special occasion in the lives of the people opting to vow for a life of togetherness. The day ought to be memorable one, not only in the lives of the two people involved but also for all present at the time. Therefore it is essential that you dress accordingly at your wedding. A picture says a thousand words.

Bridal Gown

Short Wedding Dress

   The dress you wear on the day should stylish, appealing to the eye and thus completely etched in the minds of everyone for a long time to come. It moreover has to be the dress you will look at your best in one of the most memorable days of your life. Thus one can say that choosing a particular dress for such a special occasion can be a little stressful on the mind. But with the set ideas on how you want to look and what exactly it is that you are searching for on the day, finding that fairytale dress might not seem all that difficult after all. As seen above the lady on the left looks ravishing in the traditional long white gown while one could also go in for the unconventional short sexy wedding dress.

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 Royal Wedding Cake

Flower Wedding Cake

Wedding cakes are another of the more important aspects of a wedding. Wedding cakes come in a variety of designs, sizes, shapes, colours and flavours. The design of your wedding cake should ideally represent the theme of your wedding. If it is a day affair then cakes such as the one shown in the left hand panel would be more suited to the affair. The Moroccan Pillow Case is a classic example of a well decorated and tasty cake for your special wedding day. While the Frangipanis Bouquet represented in the right hand side of the panel reflects the typically quirky and light hearted mood for your wedding day gathering.

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 bridesmaid dresses

It might be the special day for the bride but it is equally important for the bridesmaids to look stunning for the occasion. The bridesmaids could wear dresses which are different from one another’s or sport a common colour or theme to highlight the special bride on her special day. The picture shows how the bride looks at her most beautiful flanked by her bridesmaids on both sides.

A marriage is made in heaven, they say. Make that special day last in your memories for many more years to come in the future. It is for you to dazzle on the special day of yours. For more information visit our site

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2 thoughts on “Dazzle on D day Or The wedding bells a ringing

  1. Ohh how precious ideas. I love the last picture the color combination and gowns look but the flower should be something blue for my bridesmaids.

  2. I was thinking the same before I read your commment. Simple bridesmaids dresses but still catchy!! The style and thecolor are amazing. Have you seen how did the bride look in the middle? Very amazing!!

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