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How To Choose The Perfect Plus-Size Wedding Dress

plus-size bridal gown

Your voluptuous curves will look truly beautiful when you use our tips and tricks to find perfect plus-size wedding dresses for your body. Having a selection of wonderful choices will give you more options as you plan your wedding ensemble.

We know that finding the white wedding dress you’ve always dreamed of wearing can involve lots of trial and error – if you follow our guidelines right at the start, you’ll streamline the whole process…it’s all about knowing exactly what to look for!

For today’s curvy women, finding lovely and flattering bridal gowns can be easier than ever before. Here are some simple tips you can use to look your very best:

A Deep “V” Neckline Is Classic And Flattering

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If you’re looking for the most flattering option for your body type, and you are quite voluptuous up top, you should consider a simple, but luxurious bridal gown with a deep “V” neckline. This design element elongates your body, making it appear a little leaner and sleeker. Of course, this sort of neckline also offers a touch of feminine beauty and even a hint of sexiness.

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Strapless gowns can be lovely, but try to stay open to the idea of a little more coverage. If you have your heart set on a strapless gown, there is a beautiful example of that style on this page.

However, if you’re looking for a different silhouette, a deep neckline is highly recommended.  One of the benefits of this style is that it also has sturdy straps that balance your shape and provide a little extra support. Overall, the deep “V” neckline is a tried-and-true way to look beautiful on your wedding day.

Go For Dramatic Details

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Simplicity works well for some women – it really depends on your personality, your level of confidence in your own body, and just how formal your wedding will be. If you’re looking for more drama and high-fashion details when shopping for wedding dresses, opt for a strapless A-line bridal gown that flatters without being too conservative.

An A-Line gown will hug your body snugly until it hits the waist or the tops of the hips – then, it will flow past the lower hips and thighs. The classic A-line gown will always flatter the fuller figure – if you’re interested in a strapless design, you should go for this silhouette, rather than a mermaid or sheath shape.

Drama comes from the details – silk flowers, pleats, tulle overlays, crinolines, full skirts, crystals and beading…how far you go is entirely up to you.

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The gown shown above is a wonderful balance of a classic, flattering shape and some gorgeous, designer finishing –  pleating and a detachable, asymmetrical strap add a touch of elegance that is so high-fashion!

Avoiding a voluminous veil may also be a good idea. Consider a simple tiara or headpiece in lieu of a long, filmy wedding veil – creating more volume will undermine the impact of a flattering silhouette. If you love veils, choose a very sheer fabric and keep your veil on the short side.

Lace-Up Backs Offer More Comfort And Flexibility

When you’re shopping at the bridal boutique, consider some styles that feature lace-up backs. If you’re buying online, this type of design will offer more flexibility because fit can be adjusted without actual tailoring.

Even if you’re buying your gown at a full-service shop with seamstresses on site, you’ll still enjoy knowing you can gain or lose a few pounds before the wedding and simply correct for the change in weight by tightening or loosening the laces. As a bonus, this sort of lace-up back has a pretty, corset-like appeal – it will look quite dramatic and romantic.

Accessories, Hair And Makeup For The Curvy Woman

Your hairstyle should be something that feels comfortable for you – if you never wear your hair up, your wedding day may not be the right time to start. Look for styles that are soft and not too severe – often, curvy ladies have rounder faces and a youthful look – play this up with half-up, half-down hairstyles, or soft up-dos that still feature soft tendrils around the face.

Your veil should be scaled to your body type – keep it sleek and shoulder length to reduce volume. If you’re wearing a tiara, or flowers in your hair, try to keep these elements elegant and sophisticated. As a rule of thumb, taller women can wear larger-scale bridal rings, pendants, tiaras, headpieces, etc. If you’re petite in height and full-figured, it’s best to keep your jewelry and accessories delicate and smaller in scale.

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For makeup, a bolder lipcolor can be the perfect choice. If your face is full or wide, a brighter lip will draw the eye inward, accentuating the features. Look for your favorite lipstick and find an intensified version for your wedding – you can blot to reduce the impact a little. Then, use a soft gloss or balm with a little shimmer to add sparkle and shine to your lips. Without a gloss that mimics the sheen of silk or satin, you may look too subdued.

Focus a little on your eye makeup, too – a simple line of black eyeliner on the upper lashes, along with a coat of mascara (Lancome Definicils mascara is wonderful) can elongate and open the eyes. The rest of your makeup should just be your everyday base, powder, and blush. If your eyebrows are fair, darken them a little – you’ll look more “alive” in your wedding photos – brown eyeshadow or soft pencil can be lightly applied to get the right effect.

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