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Post Wedding Spending

You’ve just got married and moved in together to a new place: would you splurge on buying new furniture, like sofas, or try to fit the old stuff in?

When my husband and I got married, we never bought new stuff at first; in fact we spent the first few weeks on huge pillows on the floor! However, that was 13 years ago, when sofas were much more expensive than they are today. There were hardly any sales on back then, like today for instance everywhere you look there is a half price sale or some trade in offer. Also £500 13 years ago was a lot of money, today it is virtually nothing.

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If I were to get married today I think I would purchase new items more so than years ago, these would include items such as a sofa, because you can get some good deals. Television would be new because of the new up and coming change over to digital. Electrical equipment was all new because of the good deals today including the guarantee. In fact the only time I wouldn’t buy new items for the home is if an item was handed down to me from a family member, and even then it would have to fit in with my home.

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Most Kitchens today are fitted; therefore it is unlikely your old cooker or fridge freezer will fit into the allocated kitchen space, so their maybe a need to buy yourself new kitchen facilities. And the temptation of cookers being removed and CORGI fitted free of charge is a temptation to purchase a new one. All of my pots and pans would of course come with me.

I think with all the offers and new technology today, more and more people are choosing new items, and selling on their old items. It is unfortunate as soon as you buy an upgraded item; it is outdated within a year. But at least you are secure with the knowledge most new items have a two plus year guarantee and will last you for many years.

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