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How to Choose Cat Costumes for Your Wedding: The Only Guide You Need

How to Choose Cat Costumes for Your Wedding: The Only Guide You Need

Life has changed over the last decades, and close relations with pets will hardly surprise someone nowadays. They have become an inevitable part of our routine and taken a special place in our hearts, so there is nothing weird in the desire to share your special day with a furry friend.

However, it is worth considering your pet’s character and level of socialization. The thing is that cats like neither cars nor changes nor being in unknown places, so you should take care of your pet’s safety if you still decide to bring it to the wedding.

Allocate a comfy place for your special guest, so it can share your day without unpleasant consequences for both of you. Be sure not to force it to do anything against its nature. In general, you can incorporate your cat into your wedding differently. If you dress your cat in a cute costume to add a solemn fleur to its image, you can get an amazing series of pictures in the “getting ready” part, for example.

How can you incorporate your cat into the wedding?

To get the best out of your cat’s renewed image, you should know how to include your furry friend in your wedding. First, you should remember that your cat must know that it is still you behind this beautiful white dress, veil, and hair that smells like a salon. Take five minutes to show your cat that you still love it and like having it around. Besides, you can treat it with the top rated cat foods in 2021 to cheer it up. A well-fed cat will be in a better mood and more likely to participate in the photo shooting to the fullest. A wedding is about love and family ties.

Pre-wedding photoshoot

If you want to accentuate the existence of a cute cat in your life, but you don’t want to bring your pet to the wedding itself, a pre-wedding photoshoot can be a way out. You can create an interesting image for your cat and take pictures for further wedding preparation. We will discuss possible outfits for your fluffy friend a bit later. You can arrange a photo shoot in your wedding style or just capture your four-legged friend interacting with some key wedding items. For example, ribbons, wedding shoes, a watch, or even rings. Everything depends on your image and the result you want to get.  

Cat Costumes for Your Wedding-funny cat costume

Cat Wedding Favors

There is a fun way to include your cat in your wedding- printing them on custom metal pins as wedding favors. These little customized gifts will wow your guests and add special fun to your wedding. It’s super easy to customize the pins on PINS. All you need to do is submit your cat’s photo or illustration to the designer and wait for your personalized pins. 

Cat pins

Cake topper

If you want to highlight your love for the furry family member and incorporate it into your wedding without bringing it there, then why not order the cake topper as your cat? It is a wonderful idea if your partner shares your preferences and doesn’t mind anything like that. Thus, while others want a cherry on the pie, you will have a cat on your wedding cake! How cool is that? You can find various options on the Internet or just ask your pastry chef about them. Thus, you will not shift the focus from you to the animal but show everyone what a big place it occupies in your heart. The previously taken pics of your cat in a posh costume may become a foundation for the right design of the cake topper.

Table names

It is one of the best ways to show your respect and love for the four-legged family member. This idea will be handy for huge animal lovers who still don’t want to bring the animal to the ceremony. You can just use the pics from the pre-wedding photoshoot and turn them into the table names’ background. When taking pics, give your cat a plate with the required number to place on the table on the feast day. Thus, you will bring the pet to a wedding without forcing it to be present in a noisy and crowded place. If you have several cats, you can integrate all your furry friends in the same way or take a common pic of all of them to show what a big and happy family you are.

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Cat Costumes for Your Wedding-big hat and tie very cute


 You can get amazing invitation pictures if you join your cat in the pre-wedding photo shoot. Guests will be glad to receive an invitation card with your happy family in it. If your beloved partner doesn’t like bringing your pet into the ceremony, this option can become a perfect alternative to help find a common language and satisfy both of you. They will hardly start arguing about this idea, and you will make your cat a significant part of your celebration.

Guest book

You can add your furry friend to the guest book if you want to bring some fun to your special day. If you don’t know how to do it right, search for possible options on the web. Everyone will notice your idea, and you will be able to keep these memorabilia long after the ceremony. Even if your future spouse is not the biggest fan of cats, he will be more likely to agree to such a step. Thus, it looks like a win-win option.

Special cookies

If you want to take a step back from traditional wedding stuff and bring something unique, you can think about cat-shaped cookies. Some couples don’t like the concept of a wedding cake, so they choose different alternative options. If you are among their ranks, you can take this idea and combine it with the desire to somehow integrate your cat into the feast. A cartoon version of your pet in a wedding costume can become a small feature of your celebration. The price may be the main stumbling block that may prevent you from implementing it. However, maybe there is someone who will be glad to fulfill your dream on a budget.

Cat Costumes for Your Wedding Pinky

Thank you cards

You can always use your cat’s image as a background for your Thank You cards. Here you can let your imagination flow since this point is usually more casual than other wedding items. It is up to you to decide whether you want to make them more traditional or customized.

Bring it to the wedding for a while

If you don’t want to reject the idea of having your cat at your big wedding party and want your dearest friend to share this moment with you, it is worth thinking of a pet sitter who can bring your furry friend for a while. Of course, it is necessary to check beforehand whether animals can be allowed at the ceremony. Still, you can take some pics with your favourite on the wedding spot without any issues.

Cat costumes

If you decide how to integrate your furry friend into your wedding, it is time to provide your pet with a suitable outfit. In general, your choice should be based on the wedding theme, your preferences, and the gender of the animal. The modern market offers various options, but the chances are high that you will have to order a custom-made costume if you want something qualitative and exclusive.

Cat Costumes for Your Wedding Cute

Traditional wedding suits

If you want to arrange a cute photo shoot with your cat dressed as the groom, you will not do without a classic tuxedo or a white bridal dress if you have a female cat. You can find ready-made costumes on the Internet or create them with your own hands. Some people opt for a three-piece suit for their cat if the latter is an adult and looks impressive. However, if you plan to bring your cat to the wedding, such an outfit can make your cat uncomfortable, so the animal may become nervous. It is better to reject this idea if it is hot outside unless it is not about a short-term indoor photoshoot.

Cat Costumes for Your Wedding-Traditional wedding suits

Bow tie

Cats have beautiful natural costumes, so a bow tie can work out if you want to emphasize the situation’s solemnness. There are plenty of options on the web nowadays, but you can choose one that fits your groom’s tie or a pocket square. If you cannot find anything like that, opt for classic models that suit your cat’s hair colour. It is important to choose the best variant based on your cat’s marking and hair structure. If you do everything right, such a simple yet pretty part of the costume will neither make your cat suffer from heat nor create excessive discomfort. Thus, your four-legged friend will behave more freely and actively, and you will get awesome pics that can be used for creating other parts of your wedding décor or just a family album.

Cat Costumes for Your Wedding-Bow tie

Cat bandana collar

If you are a lucky owner of a one-colour animal, you can choose a bright bandana collar to make it stand out from the crowd. Such an accessory doesn’t cause any unpleasant sensations and usually remains almost unnoticed by the animal, so it will not try to get rid of it. You can order a bandana collar with cute embroidery to make your guests melt with such a stunning picture. The main task here is to choose a suitable option that will highlight your cat’s hair and perfectly match your wedding style. If you choose one with a pattern, opt for an option similar to your groom’s bow tie or any other outfit element. It is always cool to see pets that resemble their owners.

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Cat Costumes for Your Wedding-bandana


If you have a female cat, you can provide it with an interesting accessory. It can be something connected with your veil or flowers in your hairstyle. Just don’t overdo it with the weight and style since it can be hard for your cat to carry this “burden” everywhere with it. There are cute cat necklaces designed specifically for such solemn occasions, so you can search for a suitable variant on the web. In general, if you have both a male and a female cat, you can dress them up just like yourselves. The cuteness of your family pics will be off the chain.

Summary: How to Choose Cat Costumes for Your Wedding

  • Consider the wedding theme and overall atmosphere when choosing cat costumes for your wedding. Decide if you want a formal or playful look.
  • Determine the role of the cats in your wedding. Will they be part of the wedding party, ring bearers, or simply attend as guests?
  • Take into account the comfort and mobility of the cats when selecting costumes. Choose lightweight, breathable materials that allow them to move freely.
  • Measure your cats’ sizes accurately to ensure proper fitting costumes. Consider consulting a professional pet tailor or using adjustable costumes for a better fit.
  • Coordinate the cat costumes with the wedding color palette or theme. Use matching accessories, such as bowties, ribbons, or flower collars, to complement the overall look.
  • Pay attention to the cats’ safety and well-being. Avoid costumes with small parts that can be swallowed, and ensure the costumes don’t restrict their vision or breathing.
  • Introduce the costumes gradually to the cats before the wedding day. Allow them to get comfortable and familiar with wearing the outfits to minimize stress.
  • Have a backup plan in case the cats are not comfortable or cooperative with wearing costumes. Consider alternative roles or arrangements, such as having them attend without costumes.

FAQ: Cat Costumes for Your Wedding – Tips for Choosing the Purrfect Attire

Can my furry friend be a part of my wedding? How do I choose a cat costume for my wedding?

Absolutely! Including your cat in your wedding can be a delightful addition. When choosing a cat costume, consider your cat’s comfort and personality. Look for lightweight, breathable materials that won’t restrict their movement. Opt for a costume that complements your wedding theme or colors. It’s important to introduce the costume gradually and let your cat get accustomed to wearing it before the big day.

What are some popular cat costumes for weddings?

There are several adorable cat costumes available for weddings. A classic choice is a tuxedo or a bowtie collar that adds a formal touch to your feline friend. Another option is a bridal dress or a flower collar to match the bride’s attire. You can also explore creative options like a mini top hat, a veil, or a costume inspired by your favorite wedding theme. Let your imagination run wild!

How can I ensure my cat feels comfortable and safe in their costume during the wedding?

To ensure your cat feels comfortable and safe in their costume, take gradual steps to introduce it. Start by letting them sniff and explore the costume without wearing it. Then, slowly ease them into wearing it for short periods while providing positive reinforcement and treats. Make sure the costume fits properly and doesn’t restrict their movement or vision. Always monitor your cat during the wedding and be prepared to remove the costume if they show signs of distress.

Are there any safety considerations when dressing up my cat for the wedding?

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Safety is paramount when dressing up your cat for the wedding. Avoid costumes with small, detachable parts that could be a choking hazard. Choose costumes made from non-toxic materials that won’t cause skin irritation or discomfort. Ensure the costume allows your cat to breathe easily and doesn’t impede their ability to see or hear. Supervise your cat at all times during the festivities to prevent accidents or mishaps.

How can I incorporate my cat into the wedding without a costume?

If your cat isn’t comfortable wearing a costume, there are alternative ways to include them in your wedding. Consider having them walk down the aisle alongside a trusted handler or be present during the ceremony in a designated area adorned with flowers or other decorative elements. You can also capture memorable moments with your cat in pre-wedding photoshoots or include them in wedding-themed artwork or stationery.

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