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Tips For Choosing The Perfect Wedding Cake

There’s a lot that goes into wedding planning – the venue, bridal gown, centerpieces and, of course, the cake! You’re going to want to have a beautiful cake that looks good and tastes great! After all, you’ll be taking pictures next to your cake and your guests will be eager to taste it, so choosing the perfect wedding cake will take some serious thought. Here are a couple of tips to remember when choosing the perfect cake for you special day:

1. Choose a reputable baker or bakery

With so many options to choose from, it can be hard to settle on a bakery for your wedding cake. According to a She Knows article on the subject, it’s best to start your research online. Go on wedding forums, sites and the like to find out which local bakeries have the best reviews by other brides. Once you have a list, visit their website if applicate or other social media accounts to see their scope of work. Note if photos and information are current because you’ll want to choose a bakery that updates their portfolio regularly. Once you’ve narrowed down your top five choices, you should then physically visit the location and talk with the staff. Sit down with them and review your wedding cake design details. Make sure to take a list of questions so that you get all the answers you need to make an informed decision. At Best for Bride, we not only offer bridal gowns and accessories, but can also help you choose your perfect cake! View our cake services here!

2. Make sure you have enough time to choose the right wedding cake

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Choosing a cake shouldn’t be an impulse buy or a last-minute decision. To ensure you get exactly what you want, give yourself three to six months to plan the cake of your dreams and pick the bakery. You don’t want to stress yourself out by waiting until the last two months to order your cake, which is usually a bride’s “crunch time.”

3. Do taste tests

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After you choose a bakery, it’s time to choose the flavor(s) of your wedding cake. Schedule a cake tasting before you order the cake so that you know what to expect. And if you want a cake that has multiple flavors, make sure you taste them all. You’ll want to have a great-tasting cake for you big day that all your guests will love, so taking the time to taste everything is important.

4. Get creative with the cake’s design

Since you’ll be taking pictures with your cake on your wedding day, you’ll want your cake to stand out and be picture perfect! Many choose cake colors based on their wedding colors and the design is usually chosen after looking through bridal magazines, Pinterest and the bakery of choice’s portfolio. Adding embellishments is quite popular like diamonds and rubies, as well as bows and flowers. Cake toppers should also be unique and represent your individual style.

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3 thoughts on “Tips For Choosing The Perfect Wedding Cake

  1. Doing cake taste tests is very good advice. It would be very upsetting to make it to my wedding reception and find out the cake isn’t tasty. Thanks for the tips! Your blog is excellent.

  2. I agree with Annie Marie – doing cake taste tests is a great idea, and also great fun. It’s also fun to browse the pictures of sample cakes and decide what you want. I can’t believe what designers can do with cakes anymore. A friend of mine was a runner and the baker made a bonus cake that looked exactly like a Nike running shoe – down to the weave on the shoelaces! This is becoming an art form. Have fun with this part of your wedding, just don’t taste too many cakes or you’ll have to let the seams out of your dress. Enjoy your big day!

  3. I’m getting married and some my love ones was a gluten free and need a good delicious gluten free option maybe a chocolate.

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