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Price Busters Wedding Invitations

As the worldwide economic recession continues to haunt all of us, it is depressing to know that even wedding budgets have to be cut down as well. If you’re getting married anytime soon, then surely you have been stressing your brains and hearts out just to cover every wedding preparation detail with your meagre budget. How could such funds take care of all the wedding invitations, bridesmaid dresses, wedding favours and of course, your bridal gown?

Fret no more as there’s one department of the entire wedding-day-traditional-preparation that you can cut cost on, your wedding invitations! Yes, these important and official bearers of the good news need not be expensive. Here are a few tips on how to save on your expenses for wedding invitations.

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Learn About the Trade

They say that an informed customer gets the most reasonable deals. And this is also true in wedding invitations. These cards could cost you a lot if you don’t know what you’re getting into. Use the internet to know about the common printing methods. Naturally, most the elegant printing method could cost you more. If a simpler technique could get your message across, then by all means, use it. Experts suggest laser printing as this is the least expensive.

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You also should learn about papers when designing your wedding invitations. Visit various stores first before you buy the stationery item of your choice. You’ll learn than paper boutiques have higher mark up’s as compared to bookstores and other general merchandise outlets.

Go for the Basics

Letting go of the extras in wedding invitations could really make you save. Do away with those buttons, strings and other decorative items. Keep your cards as simple but as informative as ever. You’d thank yourself for doing so come mailing time as an extra weight would also cost you more.

Wedding invitations

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Invite Less People

If you really are tight on budget, then nobody would blame you for inviting only the most important people in your — and your fiancé’s — life. This is truly one of the surest ways to save on your expenses on wedding invitations. Naturally, because you have less people to inform and to gather for your special day, you have less notices to send out.

Use the Internet

Get practical. Use electronic invitation cards for friends who have regular access to the Internet. Surely, your comrades won’t mind. It’s more convenient for them as well as they don’t have to carry those stationery sets on their way to your wedding.

Plus, you can send these electronic wedding invitations to as many people as you can (at a time), provided that you have their email addresses, of course! Not only will this technique let you save on cost, but on your time as well. With electronic wedding invitations, a simple mouse click — or a series of clicks, to be more realistic about it — would replace the effort of writing down the addresses on each envelope and mailing them.

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You see, wedding invitations (and weddings, in general) need not be expensive to become successful. As long as they fulfill their primary goal – that is in informing everyone about your big day – then you’re good to go. You need spend so much on it. After all, the ceremony itself is just the start of your life together… you still have the rest of your life to prepare for.

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