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Dressing For The Wedding Party In Evening Dresses

When you’re invited to a wedding ceremony, unless you are the bride, you are either part of the wedding entourage or just one of the special people chosen to witness such a memorable event. If you are part of the latter, then, you’d also definitely feel the pressure of finding the perfect dress to wear on that special day. Well, girls will be girls, right?

But will you go and rummage your closet for the perfect dress or would you spend money on getting a new frock? More ladies would opt for the latter. You’ll take your friend’s or your family member’s wedding as an excuse for scouting for evening dresses.

Evening dress

But out of the many designs of evening dresses available, both displayed in your favorite shop or on the Internet, how do you know which one to pick? Here are a few suggestions.

Get into the Motif

Guests and visitors who are not part of the entourage need not “take part” of the wedding motif. However, since you’re already there, why not be in line with the motif? It’s another excuse to buy a new dress, right?

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Upon receiving the invitation, you’d immediately ask for the theme or the motif of the wedding. This will surely excite you, especially if you don’t have a gown that fits the theme, because you are setting yourself to another evening dresses quest. You can ask your girlfriends, or you boyfriend, to go with you in search for the perfect dress on a Venetian-red-wedding ceremony, for example.

Go for Comfort

Needless to say, you must also come to the party feeling comfortable about yourself and about what you are wearing. Therefore, this must be one of your criteria, if not the most important criterion, in looking for the best evening dresses.

For example, if you are not comfortable with going bra-less or using strapless bra, then don’t choose a strapless evening gown. Otherwise, you would look funny with your bra straps visible. If you’re not comfortable with a short dress, then don’t get one just because that gown looks fabulous on you. You run the risk of constantly pulling it down during the entire ceremony.

Mother of the bride dress

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Comfort is not only applicable to evening dresses. See to it that you’re comfortable with your shoes as well. It’s a no-no to wear your new shoes for the first time during the wedding, or any special occasion. You’d end up having blisters and limping while walking to the reception.

As there are traditional activities that are carried out during the reception, the need for wearing a comfortable evening dress and a pair of shoes is paramount.

Get into Your Purpose

No, I’m not talking about stealing the groom away. Wearing a dress has a purpose other than covering yourself. Before you choose from a myriad of choices of evening dresses, ask yourself: what is my purpose? Am I to flaunt my curves or am I going for elegance?

If you’re heavy-busted and you want to flaunt that asset, for example, then evening dresses with low neckline would work best for you. This is a gaze-turner especially if you’re looking for a potential partner.

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However, if you just want to stay on the sidelines and not attract too much attention, then elegance is the name of the game. Black is still the most elegant color but in some countries, guests are forbidden to wear evening dresses of this shade.

But remember, try not to overshadow the bride. Don’t steal her thunder. This is still her wedding day and the fact remains: she is and she must be the most beautiful lady in the room.

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