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Plus Size Wedding Dresses: Move Over Barbie Brides!

In real life, real women do not have Barbie doll proportions and recently all eyes are riveted on curvy models on the catwalk and they’re doing just as fun as their thin-reed counterparts. Thus if you are a plus size, you shouldn’t go red all over the face shopping for a wedding dress.

plus size wedding dresses

Plus Sized and Sexy

Size 16 Crystal Renn is proving that curvy women can ooze sex appeal in plus size wedding dresses. This Florida model broke barriers in the modeling world by placing the curvy women in the frontlines of fashion. Just by watching her in different flirty, girly, and sophisticated dresses, you can already imagine how great you can look in of those stunning plus size wedding dresses. Now you know that if you are a size 14 or 18, you can swing it. Say goodbye to starving yourself to a size 10 if you are a size 18.

In the first place, your groom loved you from the start proving that in love, weight does not matter. Top designer labels also adore the full-figured frame; now there’s no reason why you should buy a size 10 dress when you are a size 14 or 18 to copy the unhealthy looks of reed thin models because this is the vogue.

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You can choose several designs from the plus size wedding dresses – sheaths, princess cut, ensembles, off-the-shoulder and sleeveless numbers. Remember these are all designed for the full-figured women, apple-shaped or pear shaped and the fabrics used are all selected to create a slim silhouette. You can buy your plus size wedding dress with confidence anywhere and anytime.

Let Your Natural Beauty Shine

Imagine yourself exercising 8 hours a day and wearing out your joint muscles and eating vegetables day in and day out and avoiding even the slightest hint of sweets and butter! Your hair will fall off and you’ll be irritable and unfocused. What a miserable preparation for a wedding day. Don’t punish yourself beyond your limits; exercise to tone your muscles and eat healthy to put a glow on your skin. Let your natural beauty show instead of stunning your groom and your friends with a new look that isn’t you.

plus size wedding dresses

Bridesmaid Dresses Special Offer

The same rules apply when you choose a dress from a rack of plus size wedding dresses. Go for softer fabrics and dress style to complete your body shape. The bridal salon’s bridal specialist will help you sort out the dresses until you find one that’s perfect for your height, coloring, and body shape.

The concession you can make to the Barbie look, is copying a Barbie hairstyle. Ask your hair stylist if you can swing it with an ‘up do’ or just let your natural hair flow in its natural curls or waves. A diamond studded hair clip or flowers in your hair are ready options for long or short hair.

Don’t forget too to choose the right accessories to complement your frame and to match your wedding theme. Chunky accessories may not be suggested by the bridal shop specialist and that’s right. A string of pearls to accentuate a low cut front is just the style full-sized models in their plus size wedding dresses would use or watch the latest plus sized fashion shows and observe accessories and hairstyles.

So who says you can’t be sexy unless you are a size ten? Move over Barbie brides, here come the full figured brides in their plus size wedding dresses.

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