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Curvy Moms and Mother of the Bride Dresses

Weddings are all about brides and the grooms. Moms have to take the back-seat. But is anyone wondering how they’re feeling in their awful mother of the bride dresses?

Don’t Forget Mom

Although your mom won’t say it, she’s a little forlorn at the prospect of ‘losing’ you to someone you love but she’ll work hard enough to help you with the wedding preparations. Shouldn’t mom be rewarded with one of those stunning mother of the bride dresses?

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Moms don’t come in one-size-fit-all packages. They have gained inches here and there and they believe that there are no stunning dresses for women their size and age. You mom wouldn’t dare look ridiculous in a tight-fitting dress and would prefer or a tent dress that can house an entire harem of concubines. This hesitance to try on something stunning is understandable; after all, she’s no longer in the April of her youth.

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Although moms have mommy fats here and there or have deep laugher lines on their faces, they can still carry their curves well. At her age, don’t force her into something that makes her look too trying-hard to look your age. She must dress her age but look stunning too. The line of elegant mother of the bride dresses would be smart choices for your reluctant curvy mom

Moms whatever their sizes and curves can ease into stunning dresses that would give the bridesmaids a run for their money. If you are going to be a bride this year, take mom along when you shop for wedding dresses and help her choose the best dress to show off her curves but one that hides her mommy flaws.

Ask your mom if she wants something different to wear. Would she go for the classic lines with a new twist or settle with something familiar? Your mom might shudder at the thought of wearing something trendy but persuade her to try on the latest selections of mother of the bride dresses. If she does not like the dress because it’s too showy or too short for her taste, or a bit tight on the arms, usher her to another rack for plus-size frames.

You bet; she’ll be stunned at the sight – plus sized mother of the bride dresses cut and styled in the latest trends. Let mom dare to wear a color she has never worn but looks good her skin tone and cajole her to try a purple chiffon creation with a swirling skirt. You bet, she’ll love her new look and won’t feel too bad losing you to the man after your own heart.

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When to Go Shopping

Since your wedding is also special day too for your mom, take the time to shop and shop months before the altar date. Moms are fussy and won’t settle on something on first sight. She might go shopping on her on if you are too busy and surprise you with nice dress without your help. But if you are scared she turns up with a sorry little dress, you might as well give a month to go the rounds with her.

The first target should be the bridal shop. When you shop for your wedding dress, take mom along so she gets to see the latest styles in mother of the bride dresses and wear one with aplomb to show off her curves.

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Your mom should look her best too on your wedding day; shop for mother of the bride dresses when you start looking at wedding dresses for your perfect wedding dress. For more exciting details for your wedding getup, visit today.

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  1. Oh yes these gowns embrace to somewhat of a womans natural curves and show off their several natural assets. Nice a very perfect advice thanks. xoxo

  2. In my wedding I planned that my mom’s look like a queen since I’m her princess, I’m looking for a red long sleeve gown that really fit in her body and also she must wear a crown. Hahaha I’m visualize my wedding day It’s a fairy tail theme and the guest should also be associate. What do you think guys? Thanks

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