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Fixing the Moms’ Evening Dresses Dilemma

Mothers love to be pampered on their daughter’s or son’s wedding even if they do not make it an issue. But for your wedding day, let your moms dress up in evening dresses and they’ll love it. After all, the wedding is their special day too.

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Behind the Wedding Preparations

Elegant evening dresses are always associated with the brides and their bridesmaids. Seldom is it connected with the mothers of the bridal couple. Here’s what, even if your moms are in their late fifties or sixties, they can still wear chic dresses with panache. It wouldn’t be tough looking for the appropriate dresses; stores have an array of the right mix of dresses for all ages and there would be dresses that moms would be willing to wear with pride.

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Moms usually favor simple lines or the uncluttered look; but at the advice of the fashion stylist they can venture into new styles and match their dresses with the right accessories and hairstyles. Although they are all set to experiment with the latest trends in evening dresses, comfortable wear still tops their list. However, brides and grooms should watch out for the dress choices of their moms. If one is going to splurge on a caliber evening dress, the other should also be dressed up with a fancy designer label.

The two moms could offer to buy their own dresses or the bridal couple could offer to buy their respective moms their evening dress. This arrangement should be agreed on early during the planning stages to deter any misunderstanding or should you say, hurt feelings? If you are going to buy your moms their dresses, be clear about the budget for the dress. Your moms may put up some amount if they want a particular dress that goes beyond the agreed budget.

The Shopping

When the bride starts shopping for her wedding dress, she should set a different shopping schedule for her mom and the groom could ask a sister or cousin to take his mom to a store that carries a line of designer labels for evening dresses. Both moms should have agreed to some dress expectations – length or color of the dress. Their dresses should complement their styles not clash for attention. So early on the wedding planning, careful attention should be given to the mother of the bride and groom.

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mother of the bride dresses

Moms can be defiant and won’t settle for anything they don’t like. They are ready to scour the whole city to find the dress that they’ll love at first sight, whether they find it in a yard sale or in a ritzy NY shop. Most often brides let their moms tag along when shopping for the bridal dress. It is not advisable to let mom look at evening dresses when at the same you are shopping for your wedding dress. This would be stressful for both of you.

Time the shopping for your mom’s evening dress separately so you can focus on your mom’s needs. You can help her browse the offerings from different online bridal shops or magazines to give her ideas for her evening dress. Invite your groom’s mom if it is possible for her and your mom to shop together for their evening dresses. The shopping can give them time to know each other and enjoy the outing together.

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Shopping for evening dresses and your wedding dress in stylish bridal shops is fun and exciting. For your flowers for wedding, Toronto bridals have these too, which is also convenient. Visit today for all your wedding needs.

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  1. Thank you for this post, I’m doing these already! Feel excited to see them wearing the gowns they love, they are also look similar with my bridesmaids! Surely they will look AWESOME!!

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