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Who’s Afraid of Celebrity Bridesmaids and their Bridesmaid Dresses?

What do Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Garner, Cameron Diaz, and Kate Moss have in common? They took real-life bridesmaid roles. Would you want these beauties to be your bridesmaids? Yes and No. Well, although their appearances would hype up your wedding, these beauties would surely steal your thunder.

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Celebrities for Your Bridesmaids?

The brides are the stars of weddings and their bridesmaids all decked in stunning bridesmaid dresses are the sideshows. But if your best friend has made it big time as a movie celebrity or fashion model, would you dare to make her your bridesmaid? Ethically, if you have very close ties and have shared life’s ups and downs through the years, definitely there should be no question about it.

You should make your best friend who is now a big celebrity your bridesmaid. She’ll be there if she has the time and if her schedule is tight, her schedules will be rearranged so she can show up and perform her role as bridesmaid and she’ll wear one of those dresses you chose for the lineup. Being a hometown girl, she won’t be demanding what you cannot afford. She knows the drill, and that’s a delight. Definitely having a celebrity for a bridesmaid will be fun.

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Celebrity Bridesmaid and Their Dresses

The next tricky question concerns the bridesmaid dresses. If one is a celebrity and has the money to burn, would it be alright to request that she use the same style of dress you have picked for the girls? If she is truly your best friend, she’ll have no issues with the dresses you personally picked out. But being a modern bride, you know by know that brides are no longer strict about the one-of-a-kind bridesmaid dress.

Your celebrity bridesmaid may offer to buy her own dress and she probably might get hers from a noted fashion designer. But the ties of friendship will be tested severely if you insist that everybody follows your orders. Being considerate about bridesmaid dresses – celebrities involved or not – is a gracious gesture. Given the license to choose their frocks, everyone can choose their dress as long as these dresses are in the right shade of green or pink or whatever your wedding color.

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Celebrity or not, your best friend has feelings and values your friendship and there’s no way she’ll steal your show; she’ll be ready to wear the bridesmaid dress you have specially chosen for your bridesmaids. Hence, make it a point that you chose stylish dresses everyone will be proud to wear and would want to wear again. If you can’t make up your mind about the dress styles, your celebrity best friend can come to the rescue and give you tips or point the way where the hottest bridesmaid gowns can be found.

Here’s a tip, if she points the way to expensive labels, take a look at the style and ask your bridal specialist if there are similar from less expensive labels. If the expensive dress was priced at $800 you can find a similar style from another label from another designer for only $250! She might even show where look-alikes can be bought at the fraction of the cost of original designs.

If Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Garner, Cameron Diaz, and Kate Moss played bridesmaids, they did it with sincerity. Your celebrity bridesmaid can do the same. So don’t be scared to ask your celebrity best friend to be your bridesmaid.

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