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What’s The Right Wedding Photography Style For You?

You’ve found the perfect wedding dress: Check!

Booked your destination wedding at a great Caribbean destination: Check!

You have an amazing wedding planner that will help you with every aspect of your big day: Check!

It’s time to choose your wedding photographer. But, you’ll soon realize, this is not such an easy task.

You’ll find there are many different wedding photography styles. Each photographer has their unique flair, and the options might make you feel overwhelmed. Same goes for photo studios or brands: each identifies with a wedding photography style.

Keep in mind that connecting on a personal level, as long as you like their portfolio, can be enough…

But still, where should you start? What wedding photography style is right for YOU? We’ll help you figure it out.

Photojournalistic Wedding Photography

As it happens with most trends, photojournalistic wedding photography had its moment. It used to be the next new thing around 5 years ago. Back then, many photo reporters transitioned to weddings looking for a different outlet. Or, sometimes, a higher salary as well. These journalistic photographers brought their unique perspective to the wedding industry. Still, you should be careful since the term gets thrown around a lot these days.

The style relates to photographers who use a unobtrusive approach towards documenting the day. They follow the couple and limit posing directions. They capture the story of the day as it unfolds. They don’t force the couple or create situations for the sake of the pictures. Watch for words like “natural” on their website and messages.  Many of them use available light; so if your wedding is during the evening or indoors they might not be the best fit.

Their pictures might not all be perfect frames ready to hang to your wall. Yet, when you look at the sequence of pictures they captured, there’s always a sense of unity. A story behind. Images tend to be natural and honest, with a sense of emotion that shines trough.

Photojournalistic wedding photography IS for you if…

You do not want your wedding day photos to be just like everyone else’s. You hate posing in front of the camera or following directions. You’ll have an intimate wedding. You don’t want the photographer to interrupt any special moments. Your wedding will be in a nice natural setup, and most of it will take place during the day.

Photojournalistic wedding photography is NOT for you if…

Portraits and formal (posed) kinds of shots are must-haves for you. You want a photographer who will capture details and setups in a traditional style. You expect “regular looking” images.

1- WeddingDayStory - Wedding Photography - Photojournalistic

2- WeddingDayStory - Wedding Photography - Photojournalistic

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3- WeddingDayStory - Wedding Photography - Photojournalistic

4- WeddingDayStory - Wedding Photography - Photojournalistic

5- WeddingDayStory - Wedding Photography - Photojournalistic 6- WeddingDayStory - Wedding Photography - Photojournalistic

Fine Art Wedding Photography

This style is, as the name says it, means that you get something more “artsy” than what you would expect. Fine Art wedding photography is partly inspired by editorial fashion photography.

These photographers focus a great deal of their efforts in making “award winning” images. But, as always, there are great exceptions to the rule. But, in general, these photographers focus more on themselves and the photography they create.

They usually have education backgrounds and emphasize photo awards and accolades in their website. Fine Art wedding photographers use unique angles, creative, dramatic lightning and unconventional compositions. They have a real artistic flare. Some Fine Art wedding photographers might work with film and charge high rates.

Fine Art wedding photography IS for you if…

You are open to visual experimentation in your images and want the results to be breath taking. You wish for unique photos and you don’t mind playing the “find the bride & groom game” on some of your pictures. You appreciate art and don’t mind some images to have an abstract element.

Fine Art wedding photography is NOT for you if…

You have a traditional in style and appreciate old-school wedding photography. You expect most of your images to feature the subjects looking into the lens of the camera. Getting a “WOW” image is not as important to you as capturing the natural & candid moments of your day. You are not interested in images that won’t show the uniqueness and originality of your day.

1- WeddingDayStory - Wedding Photography - Fine Art

2- WeddingDayStory - Wedding Photography - Fine Art

3- WeddingDayStory - Wedding Photography - Fine Art

4- WeddingDayStory - Wedding Photography - Fine Art

5- WeddingDayStory - Wedding Photography - Fine Art

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6- WeddingDayStory - Wedding Photography - Fine Art

7- WeddingDayStory - Wedding Photography - Fine Art

Traditional Wedding Photography

Traditional wedding photography is, well… just that. Traditional. These photographers are a rare species these days, since the new trends are the norm. Yet, you might find them in small towns, or in more mature wedding photographers of trade.

They concentrate on capturing the details of the day and won’t deliver “funny-looking” images. Or artistic ones.  They are hands-on during the day and will act almost as a kind of “coordinator”. They will rearrange the schedule and “guide” guests throughout the day.

They focus on posing the couple more than they do on capturing natural moments or candid shots.

Traditional wedding photography IS for you if…

You don’t mind your photos to look something like your parents. You are into classic images and a clean look. You want your photographer to be in charge of the day. Give posing instructions and move guests around. Its important for you to get posed portraits and pictures of the details of your wedding.

Traditional wedding photography is NOT for you if…

You get bored by looking at the typical images of social events. You don’t want all your pictures to look the same. It is important for you that your images reflect the emotions of the day. You like artistic imagery. You dread falling within the “cliche” more than anything.

We described each style as an “extreme” version of it. Bear in mind that most photographers will get formals, posed portraits and details, regardless of style. Review the portfolio of the photographers that interest you and talk with them, connect. The most important aspect of choosing the right one is just that. To connect.

1- WeddingDayStory - Wedding Photography - Traditional

2- WeddingDayStory - Wedding Photography - Traditional

3- WeddingDayStory - Wedding Photography - Traditional

4- WeddingDayStory - Wedding Photography - Traditional

5- WeddingDayStory - Wedding Photography - Traditional

6- WeddingDayStory - Wedding Photography - Traditional

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7- WeddingDayStory - Wedding Photography - Traditional

Author Bio

WeddingDayStory is a family of photo & video specialists based out of Playa del Carmen, México. We are loved by natural, adventurous and intimate couples. Our photography style mixes photojournalistic photography with a hint of fine art. We know that each COUPLE is important, not just the event.

We believe intimacy is the most important ingredient in romance, and that a day in the sun is better than a life in the shade. And, that there’s no better way of spending our lives than to Celebrate the Simple Romance of Weddings in the Sun.

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  1. Of all the options that you show here, I personally like the Fine Art one. The photos are just that much better in my opinion.

  2. Awesome article! For the bride, groom AND the photographer looking for information on how to shoot a wedding.

  3. I always liked the photojournalistic wedding style. You get to see all of the event from the preparing to the flower toss!

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