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Savor the Sweetness: Expert Tips on Choosing the Perfect Wedding Cake Flavors!

Your husband-to-be loves chocolate, but you love vanilla, so how to you choose the perfect wedding cake flavor that not only satisfies your sweet tooth, but will delight the tastebuds of friends and family attending your special day? Of course, you want your wedding cake to be one that everybody remembers for its extraordinary flavor, but what’s the secret to having an unforgettable cake? Well, read on to find out how to go about picking the right wedding cake flavors that will please all!


Best for Bride
Best for Bride

The good thing about wedding cakes these days is that you can have as many tiers as your heart desires. Not only does this look great in wedding photos, but it also allows you to have a variety of cake flavors for each tier! This means you can have every flavor you want, so indulge in that vanilla, while your significant other can give into his sweet tooth with a tier devoted to chocolate. And ask about rich, new flavors that they might have like amaretto cake! Adding flavors to each tier might be an extra cost, so make sure this is one of your questions when picking out the right cake maker.

Delicious Fillings

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Best for Bride
Best for Bride

Besides the traditional filling choices like strawberry and chocolate, ask your baker if they have any other amazing filling choices. Many now offer choices like raspberry filling, mimosa, mint and so many more! Ask your baker what are their cake/filling combos and which ones are the most requested. Have them include a few of their popular choices when you to your cake testing.

Add Liqueurs

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Some bakers like to get really creative with their cakes and might change things up by adding some liqueurs like Gran Marnier in their batter. According to Perfect Wedding Guide, it’ll take any regular cake and make it that much better, which will definitely make it a cake to remember. Other great liqueurs that can be used in batters are Chambord and its raspberry flavor, Creme de Cassis with its blackberry flavor and even Chocolate liqueur!

Fondant vs Butter Cream

Best for Bride
Best for Bride

Fondant isn’t precisely liked by many, but it makes beautiful cakes. However, backers can make amazing cakes using buttercream for the frosting. As for examples of both see what you personally like best. And if you go the fondant route, ask them to put a layer of butter cream frosting between the cake and fondant so that guests will still have delicious butter cream underneath if guests don’t eat the fondant.

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2 thoughts on “Savor the Sweetness: Expert Tips on Choosing the Perfect Wedding Cake Flavors!

  1. What beautiful cakes you’ve pictured here. My friend is also a baker, and she makes some of the most amazing things with fondant. One of the cakes she made looked exactly like a running shoe, down to the weave on the laces. There are lots of fun flavors and fillings to choose from these days, but I’ll take chocolate cake with chocolate frosting any time.

  2. Love all the cakes you picked and such great tips! I just met with my cake designer and it really helped that I had pictures to show of some ideas I was leaning towards. Thanks for sharing!

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