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Wedding Cakes in Toronto and Mississauga

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Your Wedding Day is truly one of the most memorable days of your life. You are committing to spend the rest of your life with the person you love more than anybody else in the world. Best for Bride, conveniently located in the Toronto area, has all that you need to make your wedding the day you will want to remember forever!

Choosing the wedding cake is vital during the planning of your wedding reception menu. If you are in the Toronto or Mississauga area, let Best for Bride Boutique help you pick the perfect cake for your wedding celebration! The cake is the showpiece that can anchor your entire wedding theme and be truly a work of art. Our gorgeous wedding cakes by Natalya are made of top-quality ingredients and are available in an array of flavours, textures and designs to fit any wedding theme.

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At Best for Bride, we want to ensure that you are totally happy with your wedding cake. Our personal approach allows you to try free samples of cakes you are interested in. Do you have a special theme or colours that you need to coordinate for your wedding? Our wedding cake specialists will work with you to create the custom cake that will make your guests’ jaws drop! Allowing you to choose the exact flavour, colour scheme and accessories for your wedding cake will result in a truly personal cake that reflects who you are as a couple. And of course, our wedding cakes are made up of only the best ingredients and they taste superb!

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We understand that you want your wedding to reflect your style, and play homage to the traditions that you hold dear. Best for Bride embraces any opportunity to assist our clients with picking out little details that will make their event extra special, while incorporating some time-honoured customs. One of the most well-known wedding traditions is the cutting of the wedding cake during the reception. That custom has evolved over time and varies slightly across different cultures. Presently in the Western tradition, it is usually the bride and the groom who cut the wedding cake together to signify their union and the future they will share. It is also common to save a portion of the wedding cake to eat during the couple’s first wedding anniversary or the christening of their first child.

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Have a look at our picture gallery below, keeping in mind that it’s only a small selection of the variety of wedding cakes that Best for Bride offers. Better yet, stop by our Toronto location and schedule a wedding cake tasting event! We don't have to tell you that Best for Bride's wedding cakes are the best in the area- find out for yourself!

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Frequently Asked Questions - Wedding Cakes in Toronto

1. How far in advance will my wedding cake in Toronto be prepared?

This depends on your baker's preferences. Most Toronto wedding cake companies bake the different layers two days before the wedding and do the frosting on the day before. However, the layers can also be prepared several weeks ahead and frozen till frosting time. Edible decorations can be created and stored a few weeks before the wedding to avoid last minute rush.

2. How are wedding cakes priced?

Wedding cake prices depend on the size, style, details and flavor. Typical costs run to $300 and more. A bigger cake with more tiers will cost higher than a small one. Similarly, you will have to pay more for intricate embellishments that take longer to create.

3. How soon before the wedding should I order my wedding cake?

You should ideally order your wedding cakes at least six months before the wedding. If you are getting married during peak wedding season, the best bakers may get booked early. So, consider this factor when ordering your cake.

4. What type of wedding cake should I choose if I want to store it?

Some couples follow the tradition of preserving the top tier of the wedding cake and eating it on their first anniversary. If you intend to do this, you should choose your wedding cake accordingly. Choose flavors like chocolate or carrot that hold up over time and have a long shelf life. Avoid delicate flavors and cakes with fillings like custard or cream that can go stale quickly.

5. Are there any additional fees apart from the cost of the actual cake?

This varies from one baker to the other. The cost usually includes the price of the actual cake, design consultation charges, a cake tasting session, delivery and set up at the venue. Some cake bakers also include the cake stand, cake topper and cutting utensils in their charges. However, you may like to confirm this.

6. Can I have different flavors in each tier of my wedding cake?

Yes, multi-flavored wedding cakes are very popular. You can have different flavors in each tier or mix flavors in a single tier. Discuss your expectations with your cake baker and they can run you through your different options.

7. What should I look for when choosing my wedding cake baker?

Make sure that you choose a professional wedding baker by getting recommendations from friends and family. Also go through their online reviews to make sure that they are reliable. Be upfront about your cake budget and ask to see pictures of their previous work to evaluate how good they are. Finally, make sure that you are fully satisfied with the taste when you attend the cake tasting session.

8. What is the best wedding cake flavor?

Popular wedding cake flavors keep changing every few years. So, you may like to look at what is trending at the time of your wedding to pick a flavor. Or you may like to go with your personal favorite for your wedding cake. Chocolate and vanilla are safe choices that are always popular.

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