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How to Choose Your Perfect Wedding Gown

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Your Perfect Wedding Gown depends on your figure type.

Choosing the style for your wedding dress can be a nightmare. If you know you what suits your body type, you will find it much easier to choose the most flattering wedding dress. The fit of your wedding dress is always more important than the size. You can easily disguise figure faults with just a few simple tricks.

There are many different figure types, no particular shape is good or bad. Here are a some of the basic types along with some advice about the style of wedding dress that will flatter you best. The number one rule for all body types is BUY A DRESS THAT FITS. Don’t buy a size smaller than you are in the hope it will make you look slimmer.

It won’t.

Pear-shaped A classic pear shape is slim on top with a proportionally large bottom.

DO TRY: A Ball gown wedding dress with a Basque waistline and an off-the-shoulder neckline will bring your bottom half into proportion with you top half. Empire line dresses are ideal for your body shape, as the emphasis is on your top half and a flared skirt will help disguise your hips. A well fitted A Line or princess line will slim down a rounded figure, and hide wide hips.

DON’T WEAR: Avoid very clingy fabrics for your wedding dress. The Column style can be unflattering and is best avoided.

Hourglass Figure You have the classic hourglass figure. What can go wrong?

DO TRY: A bustier, you can wear a corseted or laced one with a narrow close-fitting skirt for an elegant look or a full skirt for a full on princess effect. A Ball gown wedding dress would be perfect. The Mermaid style is another style for you if you really want to show off your figure.

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DON’T WEAR: Don’t overfit your waist area, it will have the effect of making your hips look bigger. Don’t wear anything too tight. Well fitting is always more flattering than tight.

Busty Your bust is a size or more larger than your hips.

DO TRY: Invest in a good bra to make the most of what you have. (See our wedding lingerie page) Alternatively you can go with a minimiser bra to help balance your figure. A well fitted off-the-shoulder bodice will suit you worn with full skirt to emphasise your waist. A square cut Empire line wedding dress can minimise you bust also.

DON’T WEAR: A skirt that is too short it will make you look top heavy. Avoid frills and ruching in the bodice. Forget bustiers with too much detail a well fitted simple bustier is more flattering.

Athletic Your body is athletic, with a small bust and undefined waist.

DO TRY: For elegance long smooth lines such as a floor length Column dress or an Empire line. If you want to add curves try a Ball gown style. The Mermaid wedding dress is flattering and can also provide the illusion of having curves if you have a leaner figure.

DON’T WEAR: Lots of frills and lace. Concentrate more on elegant lines that show off your slim silhouette. Plunging necklines are not best suited to small busts. very clingy fabrics will accentuate your lack of curves.


DO TRY: A Ball gown will suit you wonderfully. An Empire line will enhance a small bust. The Mermaid wedding dress is flattering and can also provide the illusion of having curves if you have a leaner figure. The Column wedding dress style is ideal for tall and thin brides who want a simple and sleek appearance.

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DON’T WEAR: Avoid off the shoulder or halternecks if you feel you collarbones stick out too much.


DO TRY: A well fitted A Line or princess line will slim down a rounded figure, and hide wide hips. If you have the confidence the Mermaid style is sensational. Make sure your lingerie is a proper fit.

DON’T WEAR: Very clingy fabrics will show up more than you want. Choose a strapless style rather than very thin straps.


DO TRY: It’s best to keep it simple. A Column-like sheath or A Line dress will work – these shapes create a long interrupted line. Stick to open, sexier necklines ( think strapless and of-the-shoulder styles,) both of which work beautifully for you.

DON’T WEAR: A huge voluminous wedding dress, you will look lost inside it. If you want a Ball gown consider a slightly shorter length, just above the ankle.


DO TRY: The Column style and the Mermaid are made for you. If you are slim the Ball gown is also flattering.

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DON’T WEAR: A floor length wedding gown with a high neck line. The A Line dress can be very elongating and the Empire line can make your proportions look unbalanced.

Remember, a well fitting wedding dress is always more flattering than one that is too tight. We have a free video showing you exactly How to Take Your Measurements accurately. Remember, it is always possible to adjust a wedding dress to make it smaller but not always possible to let it out.

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