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How to Choose Your Wedding Lingerie

Choosing the right Wedding Lingerie is as important as the selection of your wedding dress. You want your wedding day to be truly memorable, so don’t skimp on your Wedding Lingerie. You’ll find information here to help you choose the style of Wedding Lingerie that will enhance your Wedding Dress and make you feel fabulous.

The style of your wedding dress will dictate your Wedding Lingerie, but you still need to be comfortable – and you want to look good too!

You want your wedding day to be truly memorable. So make sure you feel like a queen from the inside out.

Don’t skimp on your wedding lingerie. Choosing the right wedding lingerie is as important as the selection of your wedding dress. Not only will it enhance your wedding dress, but it will also be judged later by the most important man in your life: your new husband.

With some styles such as Ballgown or A-Line, you can get away with more ruffles and lace as they won’t affect the silhouette of your wedding dress; but if you choose a slim fitting wedding dress be extra careful with garters and lacy underwear as this type of lingerie shows lines more than smooth lingerie. Likewise, if you wear a wedding dress made of clingy fabric, such as charmeuse, choose something smooth and flimsy for your wedding lingerie.

Where possible, wear the lingerie for any wedding dress alterations as the fit of your wedding dress will be affected by your lingerie.


Begin by choosing your bra, and you need one that has the proper support. Your favourite brand may have a bra to suit. For more information about bras styles and how to choose your size or solve any problems, you might have selected a bra for under your wedding dress; see the Bra School here.

You can choose anything from nipple covers for maximum exposure, invisible bras, stick-on bras, strapless push-ups through to bustiers and corsets and full Body Shapers.

  • Regardless of which type of bra you choose, buy underwire if you are full-busted or full-figured.
  • If your wedding dress has a low or wide-cut neckline or slender straps, your best choice is a strapless bra. Many strapless bras have versatile straps that you can change or remove to suit.
  • A backless dress needs a bra that hooks at the waist. Let them see skin, not bra straps.
  • Longline bras can help slim your waistline and enhance your bust at the same time.

If you are not sure what size bra you need, you’ll find all the information on our website, as well as solutions for any problems you have, such as the centre panel of your bra buckling or only one cup fitting you. Wearing an ill-fitting bra size can really ruin the entire look of your wedding. So it’s a good idea to get professionally fitted for a bra. Many department stores have fitters, even if they don’t have the lingerie you want.

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Visible bra straps may be acceptable for everyday fashion but NEVER with your wedding dress.


You might want to look slimmer on your wedding day.

Body Shapers are brilliant for trimming problems areas. Make sure you buy one the correct size as you’ll be wearing it for quite a few hours. Unfortunately this kind of underwear usually doesn’t look sexy and can be uncomfortable. Still, if you have a going away outfit, you can always have a second, more attractive set of lingerie.


Find a nice pair of stockings or pantyhose, good quality hosiery won’t cost you much more, but you will really notice the difference. It pays to buy a spare pair for emergencies too! Although for an informal wedding you may decide to go without. There really aren’t any rules these days.

A pantyhose-underwear combination is a good choice for a slim-fitting wedding dress such as Mermaid style. Many brides like to buy two garters – one to wear and keep and one to throw to the guests. Flesh or white hosiery is traditional, but if you opt for a coloured wedding dress, you can match your hosiery however you want.


A Slip will stop your wedding dress from riding up against your legs and help create a smooth silhouette. Narrow wedding dresses such as a Column style or one made of clingy fabric need a slip underneath.

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Crinolines come in various widths and support a full skirt, team with a bustier under a Ballgown wedding dress for a truly hourglass silhouette.


A bustier or corset with sheer stay-up stockings is a popular choice for a sexy look. Corsets are designed to bring in the waist, and to support and enhance the bust. Some bustiers have stocking attachments, but you could wear stay-up stockings or a garter belt.


Panties are also important when you choose the lingerie for your wedding. Panties under the wedding gown may or may not be a problem, depending on the fit. Some styles such as Empire can be clingy and reveal

(Shock! Horror!) visible panty line!

Whereas this just won’t happen with style such as a Ballgown wedding dress.

Select close-fitting – but not tight -panties that do not show, especially if you are wearing a tight-fitting wedding dress such as Mermaid style. G-strings are great for this purpose if you don’t mind wearing them. Take a look online, and there are many sites like EBY where you can get the perfect match for your dress.

If your dress isn’t a narrow silhouette – maybe a Ballgown style, you have more choice as the panty line will not show through, and you may prefer more modest lingerie.

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The other part of your wedding lingerie set will come into play on your wedding night. There are definitely no rules here! No one can say you have made the wrong choice – it’s strictly between your husband and you, and there’s a vast array of gorgeous lingerie for all sizes out there.

Let your imagination go wild.

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