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Booking A Wedding Car: A Before, During, And After Guide 

Booking A Wedding Car: A Before, During, And After Guide 

Wedding dress, check. Floral arrangements, check. Cake, check. But wait, what about the wedding car? Of course, there are options. But here, only perfect can do. The right car doesn’t just fit your wedding theme; it amplifies it. It doesn’t just grace your photographs; it transforms them into cinematic masterpieces.

This guide is here; to help you make sense of ‘perfect.’ It’ll take you from the jittery ‘before,’ carry you through the ‘during,’ and finally bring you out the other side, the ‘afters.’ The plan is to help you dream less of the to-do lists and more of the magical ‘I do’ moments – the charm of a perfectly planned day.

So, here goes.

Why The Fuss About Wedding Cars?

Are you up for a sleek limousine hire? Or maybe a classic or vintage ride is more of your game. Well, the wedding car isn’t just a ride. It’s also a backdrop for those timeless photos, and a sneak peek into the wedding experience. Here’s why you need to be fussy about the one you settle for.

Symbolism And Tradition

The car you arrive in symbolizes the joyride you are about to embark on together. You’re moving from separate life lanes to a shared highway, where you promise to drive through life’s peaks and valleys together.

So, why not make a toast to a life of comfort, glamour, and luxury with a sleek limousine? Or maybe a classic or vintage car. That’s like a loving nod to tradition, a tribute to the undying nature of love. Your values and personality as a couple will reflect on the wedding car, choosing the vehicle a profoundly personal and meaningful call. Yeah. The fuss is well worth it.

Want to see how a limo can switch the experience from great to unforgettable? Here’s the video to watch:

Wedding Photos And The Car Factor

Cars in wedding photography? They sprinkle a dash of visual spice to the wedding day snapshots. The couple made a grand exit from the ceremony, the showstopping entrance at the reception, or the glam posed shots – they’ve all got the car playing a cameo.

The make and model of the car can seriously jazz up the photos. A vintage ride can splash a wave of timeless grace on your pictures, while a sleek, modern vehicle can layer on a vibe of swank and up-to-the-minute style. Even the car’s colour can play off the wedding palette, opening up tremendous possibilities for jaw-dropping shots. Now, who said a car’s just for driving?

Experience Maker

For the guests, the roll-up of the wedding car is the signal that the couple is revving up for their grand reception debut, kicking the thrill levels into high gear. With its allure and spruced-up appearance, the vehicle can harmonize with the wedding theme, serving a visual feast that will wow your guests.

Before: Planning And Booking

Securing a wedding car isn’t a last-minute scramble. It’s a strategic play that begins way before the big day and involves:

wedding car decorations

Know What You Need

First up in the planning and booking, get a clear view of what you need. This starts with knowing your budget. Consider what’s driving the costs, such as rental rates, chauffeur services, extra decor, and potential overtime fees. Your budget should be roomy enough for your dream car and tight enough not to ruin your wedding finances.

Next, you’ve got to figure out the car’s make and size. It boils down to how many people it accommodates, how much comfort you crave, and your style leanings. A luxe sedan might do the trick for a small crew, but you may have to upgrade to a stretch limo for an enormous entourage.

Lastly, match the style of the car with the wedding mood. A vintage-themed wedding might find its perfect match in a classic Rolls Royce, while a sharp, modern event could hit it off with a sleek Tesla. This car-wedding theme harmony can take the aesthetic appeal of your day up a few notches.

Researching Options

You could splash out on a chauffeur-included service, borrow an expensive ride from a buddy or family member, or take the wheel with a rental car. Each choice has its rhythm, so pick one that grooves with your comfort, budget, and personal flair.

Next up, pit different wedding car companies against each other. Some might pull out all the stops with decked-out cars, a chauffeur, and complimentary drinks, while others keep it simple. Do your due diligence, size up your options, and make sure you’re bagging a rockstar deal within your budget.

Last but not least, don’t forget to scan reviews and seek recommendations. Online platforms and social media, along with good ol’ word-of-mouth, give you the spill on a company’s rep, professionalism, and quality. Use these insights to dodge any road bumps and ensure a smooth ride.

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Making A Reservation

Alright, you’ve scoped out your options and found your perfect match. Now it’s time to snag that stellar wedding car. Don’t be the tortoise here – fast and early wins this race. A few months’ head start means you get first dibs on your dream ride and a cushy time buffer for those just-in-case adjustments.

About to click that ‘book now’ button? Hold up, ensure every detail’s down on paper – date, time, pick-up and drop-off points, model, extras like champagne and decor, and the cancellation terms. Confirming all the details with your wedding car hire company is always a good idea.

With all the T’s crossed and I’s dotted, you can lean back, be confident in your choice, and focus on the other pieces of your wedding day puzzle.

Be Prepared For Surprises

Every well-laid plan needs a plan B. Even with the best-researched and booked wedding car, things can go awry. A flat tire, mechanical issues, or even a sudden no-show – yeah, it happens.

A clever trick to have up your sleeve could be having another rental company on speed dial, a buddy’s car, or the local cab service. A backup plan can help keep the big day rolling smoothly, even when the unexpected happens.

During: Day Of The Wedding 

When the big day finally swings around, it’s game time. Now, let’s shift gears and zoom in on the final touches.

vintage car

Double-Check Arrangements

Even if you’ve been nailing the details from the get-go, it’s still worth giving everything a once-over on the big day. A speedy call or message to your car company can ensure everyone’s singing from the same song sheet.

Another box to tick is the condition of the car. It should be spick and span and decked out as agreed. A quick once-over before the ceremony can ensure it looks its best.

Despite having every detail down to a T, remember that life sometimes loves a good surprise. Keeping cool and ready to roll with any last-minute changes is vital on your wedding day.

Making The Most Of The Service

Amidst the wedding whirlwind, don’t let the car ride pass by. Many car services pack in little bonuses – a champagne salute, your chosen tunes on the stereo. If these perks are in your package, let loose and enjoy them. They can crank up the fun factor of your ride.

But, while you’re basking in the ride, don’t forget to respect the boundaries. Show some love to the car and the company’s policies. Any naughty behaviour or damage can incur extra fees or make a mess. So savour the ride, but keep it on the up-and-up.

Resolving Any Issues 

Despite all the planning and checking off lists, wedding days can come with hiccups. That’s why it’s crucial to have a game plan for communication.

If a snag pops up, don’t hesitate to bring it up with the driver or call the service provider. These pros are all about making your day smooth, and they’ll likely jump in to fix any issues pronto.

And remember those Plan Bs you worked out during the planning phase? This is their time to shine. If a significant issue arises with the car service, don’t think twice before rolling out these backup plans. The goal is to keep your day flowing smoothly, no matter what the universe throws at you.

wedding car

After: Post-Wedding 

Once the wedding day winds down, it’s time to give the service a once-over, share your feedback, and button up any lingering business.

Assessing The Service 

Think back to the overall journey. Did it vibe well with your day? Did it make your special day even more special? Going through this while your memories are still jamming fresh is a good idea.

Next, note any areas that could use a little tuning. This could be anything from delays to cleanliness issues or a tiff with the driver. The idea isn’t to nitpick but to give constructive feedback to help the service up their game for future gigs.

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Finally, don’t forget to spotlight the showstoppers. These are the aspects of the service that left you stunned. Those showstopping moments are every bit as key as the potential tune-up spots. They offer a balanced review of the service and can help you give comprehensive feedback.

Providing Feedback 

So, it’s time to dish out your experience. You can do this by scribbling an online review or having a heart-to-heart with the company. Spilling your story can spotlight the stellar stuff and where they can kick it up a notch.

When crafting a review, honesty is your best buddy. Zero in on the ups, but don’t duck the downs. Your two cents help the company and steer future couples hunting for a trusty wedding car service.

Got some significant issues? Don’t beat around the bush; hit up the company directly. A straight-up chat can sort things out and amp up the service for the next time. Remember, the goal of feedback isn’t to stir the pot but to give the service a chance to up their game.

flower decor car

Settling Any Outstanding Issues 

After feedback, tackle any lingering issues. Damages or extra charges during the service? Sort these out ASAP. Sweeping them under the rug can lead to headaches and unnecessary costs down the line.

If you haven’t already, square away the payment. Some companies may ask for a final payment post-service, while others prefer to get paid upfront. Ensure you’re on the same page to avoid any misunderstandings.

Lastly, check that you’ve met all your contract obligations. This could involve returning any rentals or tying up any loose paperwork. Ticking off these tasks brings a neat close to the entire experience.

Thanking The Provider 

If your car service provider had you over the moon, why not show it? A card, a gift, or a shot of the wedding car in full swing could be a great way to do this. It’s a heartwarming way to foster good relations and spread positive vibes.

And if their service was top-notch, don’t keep it to yourself. Word-of-mouth is one of the most powerful endorsements, and your thumbs-up could help the company and other couples seeking dependable wedding car services. So, share the love!


The part a wedding car plays isn’t just about getting from point A to B. It’s more than a ride – its symbolism, traditions, impact on your wedding snaps, and the vibe it adds to the big day make it a key player in the marriage fiesta.

Choosing the right wedding car can amp up the look, story, and feel of your wedding. That’s why giving the wedding wheels serious thought during planning is crucial to spin unforgettable memories and a one-of-a-kind love fest. 

In the end, the selection of your wedding car is more than just a logistical decision. It’s another unforgettable chapter in your love story.

FAQ: Booking A Wedding Car

When should I book my wedding car?

It’s advisable to book your wedding car at least 3 to 6 months in advance to ensure availability, especially during peak wedding seasons.

What types of wedding cars are available for hire?

Options may include classic cars, limousines, vintage cars, luxury sedans, or even themed vehicles. Availability depends on the rental company.

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What information should I provide when booking?

You’ll need to provide details such as the wedding date, pickup and drop-off locations, times, preferred car type, and any special requests or decorations.

What happens if the car I booked is not available on the wedding day?

Reputable companies usually have backup plans and will provide a similar or upgraded vehicle. Make sure to discuss this scenario when booking.

How do I handle gratuity for the chauffeur?

Gratuity policies vary, but it’s often customary to tip the chauffeur if the service is satisfactory. Check with the company on recommended tipping practices.

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  1. It’s great that you mentioned that it is important to book your wedding transportation at least 3 to 6 months in advance. I would think that some wedding transportation services are more popular than others. If you want a really popular service, you will probably want to book more than 6 months in advance.

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