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Make Them Remember Your Wedding Day with Killer Wedding Dresses

One of the first questions people ask when they talk about weddings is “what did the bride wear?” Yes, finding the right man is the hardest step, but finding the right wedding gown among a see of worthy wedding dresses is a close second. And when all is said and done and years have passed by, will your guests look back and say, “I remember the day that you got married?” for the right reasons?

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Every Bride Has The Right To Wear White

Even Ms. Manners says so, but you don’t have to if you don’t want to. What’s more important is that you find a style from the many wedding dresses that will look good on YOU and that you will feel comfortable wearing.

Know your body type. Are you round, inverted triangle, pear, hourglass, or diamond? If you think that your neckline and shoulder line are your strong points, and you are up to it, show it. You can wear your hair up, then accentuate with a necklace or a choker. If it’s your hips, choose one of those wedding dresses that will highlight this feature. If you feel you must, you can “hide” unbecoming features in flowing styles, or ruffles.

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Custom-made wedding dresses are unique and reflect your personality. However, having a wedding dress made takes time, at least two months (really) from concept to actuality. After all the waiting and the fitting, and artistic differences with your couturier, the gown as an idea on paper may look pretty different from the reality on cloth.

On the other hand, ready-made wedding dresses from a popular bridal shop solve many of these problems, but you may end up hearing “That gown is just like the one my cousin wore on her wedding”, despite all your efforts to alter it and add trimmings. As for make-up, more is less. Brides glow with the beauty of a happiness that comes from being in love. There is no need to pile on the cosmetics, just put on enough to enhance that glow. A Little Something Extra

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Sure, they’ll remember the gown and how good you looked, but a little wedding favor to jog the memory won’t hurt. Many wedding favors has ended up in the boxed limbo of useless little knickknacks that will never again see the light of day, so make your favors simple, personal, and if you can, useful. Steer away from the favors that are nothing but keepsakes. Very few people actually keep them. It is customary to give them away on the day of the wedding itself, but these maybe given out after, with the “thank you” cards. At this point, you may even be able to give out pictures from the wedding.

What Will They Remember?

Your wedding is a day to remember, but for it should be reasons that you want. Bother with the details, they do count. Have your loved ones and friends recall that it was a special day, and that you have made them a part of it.

Is your head spinning with so many wedding dresses and wedding favors? Choose a bridal shop you can trust. Visit today.

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