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Cordial Wedding Invitations

After finalizing the guest list to your wedding, and conveniently forgetting to list some people, it’s time to send out the wedding invitations. Your wedding invitation will set the stage for your special day. Invitations come in all shapes and sizes there are a lot to choose from if you go pre-made, and even more if you go custom. What’s In The Envelope?

If you are not yet entirely sure what should be on your wedding invitations, there are many sites that will show you around the basics with helpful hints, along with many samples that can be viewed online, or if you should choose, you can get a free actual sample. For example, a good invitation will answer all the FAQs: who’s getting married (of course), where, and when. The details on what to wear, what to expect and what is expected may be left to be placed on the reception cards. Make sure that the printer you choose has the answers for the what and how, so that all you have to worry about is whom to send the invitations to.

Wedding invitations

There are also some people that seek the formality of being sent a solid and tangible wedding invitation, for whom verbal invites or general statements of “hey, I’m getting married, be there” will not do. When it comes to wedding invitations, there are many options to choose from, in classic or modern designs that are also good have as keepsakes.

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There are many wedding stores that could provide for everything on your wedding, from wedding invitations to wedding cakes in Mississauga. If you’re pressed for time, this is always a good route to take.

Wedding invitations

Counting The Days

You should be able to send out the wedding invitations at least two weeks before the event, to be considerate and for practicality’s sake. A good printer will ensure that you get to send your wedding invitations as fast as you want it, and at a reasonable price. You can get quotations at the site. Wedding invitations are often hand carried, but if this is impractical, so at least go through registered mail or local courier, for your peace of mind that your invitation was received. The time allowance will allow guests with to make arrangements. If you have the time, or know someone who does (like your maid of honor or bridesmaids), call up the guests to confirm if they are coming. Not only will such a practice make you sensitive to your guests convenience, you also get to prepare for your receptions headcount so you don’t end up budgeting for too much, or worse, too little.

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Wedding invitations

Tit For Tat?

Avoid the politically incorrect in guise of practicality trend of putting in cards with wedding invitations that say “in lieu of gifts, the couple for reasons stated herein would rather receive cash” that will often be read as “we invited you to give us money.” More important than your wedding invitations’ design is your etiquette. Know propriety for a successful wedding.

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Wedding invitations
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