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Tips to Get Most from Flowers on Your Wedding

Wedding is considered as the most precious day of anyone’s life. This is the specific day on which on body want to remain on back foot when it comes to spend money, even the smallest thing is made costly. Usually when people plan their weddings, they plan a budget for every expense of wedding day. From ring to wedding dress and wine to dance floor, everything seems to be accurately planned. But it is also seen widely that one thing remains unplanned or simply it is ignored from the list of worthy items. It is flower decoration. And if you are budget bound couple, then this emitted item from list will hurt you a lot. But still there are a lot of ways which will lead you to get benefits from flower decoration by paying less. It is bit tricky but you can do it easily if you have forgotten to add the flower’s decoration budget these outstanding tips will help you a lot to come out of the embarrassing situation you may face at your wedding.

1.            Choose Flowers by Yourself

You choose your wedding ring by your own, choose your wedding dress by your own and similarly you make active participation arranging all other necessary elements for wedding then why don’t you take little pain in order to make bride and groom stage more attractive with flowers? Your little pain will come with a lot of goods for you. Don’t leave it completely on flowers decorators. Try to maintain compatibility between your life partner’s choice and your flowers.

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2.  Choose Seasonal Flowers

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Don’t insist over non-seasonal flowers. It will cost you a lot. You need to understand that flowers look more attractive and fresh if they are seasonal. These seasonal flowers will make your wedding arena more scented, if you use non-seasonal flowers, first it will cost you a lot and secondly they won’t give you fresh look.

3. Compatibility with Brides Dress         

If you love your bride a lot then show it to all and get pleasant response from your bride. How will you do it? Try to maintain compatibility between your bride’s dress and flowers’ color. In Europe brides prefer to wear white long dress, so go for white flowers. In Asia, brides prefer to wear red dress so you need to choose red flowers.

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4. Plan Date of Wedding

Flow this instruction carefully. Don’t say ‘yes’ to your fiancé to get married on Valentine’s Day, Mother Day, Father Day, Christmas etc.  These days may be problem creative for you when you go out to buy flowers for your wedding. It is common that on those special days, flowers cost high to the customers and if you need in bulk then you will harm your wedding budget.

Hope you will find these tips as a helping hand for your wedding.

Stay Blessed.

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2 thoughts on “Tips to Get Most from Flowers on Your Wedding

  1. Oh la la so much inspiring, I would love a princess wedding and princess flowers as well but on a budget and also i’ll focusing on flowers that look good, and forget the figurative label on the petal hehe had fun reading your post.

  2. Its exciting parts, and not simple as picking. I want to select a beautiful flower images first cause I believed images are way more telling than words. Thank you 😀

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