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Invite Trouble With These Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations are not just pieces of colored and embellished parchment that you send out to inform family and friends you are getting hitched. (Hopefully, for life) These speak of your personality, your preferences, and your position that affects your wedding – casual or formal, outdoors or indoors, child-friendly or adults only, all-out or budget, to name just a few. More importantly, these can result in trouble of all kinds on your wedding day when not done right the first time.Misspelled Names and Titles

Beyond social embarrassment, you will be offending your invited guests when you misspell their names and titles on their wedding invitations. To put it bluntly, you will be inviting trouble of the social faux pas kind that cannot be easily forgiven and forgotten.

To avoid this mortifying oversight, you can do research on the correct spellings of your guests’ names even if it means actually calling them up to clarify the matter. Your guests will appreciate the time and effort you exerted towards getting their names right. After all, this is not a case of a rose by any other name will smell just as sweet!

Mentioning Desired Wedding Gifts

You will run into trouble with your family and friends on this issue, not to mention running headlong into the tacky circle. Whatever you decide to print on your wedding invitations, never ever mention the desired gifts you wish to have on your wedding day even if it is a worthy donation to the homeless shelter, the cancer institute, the environmental organization and education charities of your choice.

When your wedding invitations explicitly encourage guests to bring your desired gifts, you implicitly imply that you have a “No Gift, No Entry” policy. It kind of smacks of “No ID, NO Entry”, don’t you think?

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Just invite your guests to your wedding and let them decide what to bring you. Of course, you can always drop hints with your doting parents!

Map Mistakes

For destination weddings, and even for weddings where family and friends from out of state are invited, your inclusion of the wrong map cards or exclusion of travel directions will cause trouble for you and your guests. Imagine having your guest of honor arrive well after the reception simply because you gave him the wrong directions!

To avoid this oversight, always make sure that

1) you have members of the bridal party whom your invited guests can call in case they get lost;
2) you have actually traveled the suggested route in anticipation of road delays and remedies for when these happens like roadside mechanics; and
3) you have maps inserted inside the wedding invitations showing recognizable landmarks instead of aerial Google maps.

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Money Trouble

There are many instances where your invitations will get you into money trouble but these two are the most notable:

1) not mentioning that the wedding reception is an “Adults Only” affair; parents are free to assume that they can bring their children thus driving your catering costs higher, among other things; and
2) not including an RSVP card, which can lead to wedding crashers brought by invited guests. There are presumptuous people in this world, if you need reminding.

In conclusion, wedding invitations are one of the first things you have to consider when planning your wedding. In fact, they are the first things to be planned since you have to send them out at least eight weeks before the wedding!

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But before you get carried away with the excitement and anticipation, remember to avoid the abovementioned mistakes. After all, first impressions do last!

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