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To Give Or Not to Give Wedding Favors – That is the Question

Wedding favours are those little things that your guests will take home as tokens of your appreciation for their presence during your special day. You can give anything and everything that catches your fancy – ornamental plastic globes with fake snow, whimsical candles, practical wine bottle stoppers, and even cute fridge magnets. Still, the question remains: Do you really have to provide for wedding favors?Of course, you have to!

If you want a traditional wedding like those of your family and friends, then it follows that you will also provide for the traditional touches of wedding favours. Of course, this is neither a case of the blind following the blind nor of copying everything hook, line and sinker. You have many bridal boutiques to choose from when deciding on your personalized favors, if you must know.

If, however, you are not inclined to traditional weddings, then you can consider the following as valid reasons for giving the go-signal for wedding favours:

– Your guests went to great lengths to attend your wedding ceremony and to participate in your reception festivities. You see them all dressed up in their finery, you knew they traveled from out of state, you received gifts from them and you celebrated the day with them. The least you can do is provide for small tokens of appreciation for all the time and effort they poured into making your wedding meaningful.

– You will be putting a sweet end to your wedding festivities especially when you provide for edible wedding favours like almonds and candies. Your guests will simply love having something to eat while on the way home, kind of like the dessert after the main course.

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– You can tie up the theme of the wedding with the appropriate favors. You can look at them as the icing on the cake.

Generally speaking, your favors are your call. Not all of your guests will love your choice of favors but at least, you provided for a good way to say “Thank you for coming to our wedding”. It is a matter of social graces, one that will hold you in good stead with your guests.

No, you don’t have to!

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On the other hand, you can also choose not to provide your guests with favors. You might even say that you did your guests the favor when you invited them to your wedding – free food, the chance to party, overflowing drinks, festive ambience and a roomful of single men and women are enough favors.

There is also the matter of wedding favours getting left behind by the guests. You spent a ton on them and a ton is also left over from the wedding reception. In the end, you are left with small things that you just wasted money on because your guests could not have cared less.

Besides, $500 can be spent on other wedding expenses! You can buy fancier gifts for the wedding party; you can have your groom’s tuxedo custom made instead of just rented; you can extend your honeymoon. There are simply plenty of other options to be had from the $500.

With the pros and cons of wedding favours laid out this way, you should be able to make a decision. However, you should keep in mind that while favors are not mandatory, you can generously thank your guests with them. The key is in making them attractive and useful, even edible – chocolates and candies, charitable donations, and mini-wine holders, to name a few. Your guests will recognize just how sweet a couple you are.

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