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Before you meet with your Wedding Planner


Did you know that there are some important things that you need to decide before you meet with your wedding planner for the first time? While it is common to think that your wedding planner will be able to help you with every aspect of your wedding, there are some basic things that need to be addressed before your first appointment. So, before you visit with your wedding planner for the first time, make sure that you have made the following decisions.


You should always have a budget planned before you meet with your wedding planner. Since weddings can be extremely expensive, your wedding planner won’t even know where to start if they don’t have a budget. You should also break down your budget rather than simply offering a final number to go with. This will help your wedding planner know where they can make some changes to help save you money or where you have a strong opinion about another area.



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One factor that will determine a major part of your budget is the number of guests that will be attending your wedding. While you don’t need to have a full guest list of guaranteed people who will be attending at this time, it will be necessary to know how many people you plan to invite. This will help your wedding planner discuss with you things like whether your budget is realistic.

Chosen Vendors

If you have already entered into an agreement with other vendors, it is important that you fill your wedding planner in on the details. This will help your wedding planner to determine areas that have already been taken care of as well as the areas that still require attention. This will also help your wedding planner learn more about how you would like your wedding to turn out as well. If you haven’t chosen any vendors yet, this is also fine. You simply need to let your wedding planner know what’s already been taken care of.

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Your Wedding Plan

Every bride has a plan for her wedding and the person who has been chosen to help this wedding dream come true is the wedding planner. Don’t be afraid to bring pictures of your perfect wedding as well as samples of flowers and colors that you are considering as well.

Decision Makers


While it is most often left up to the bride to make the decisions, sometimes the parents of the bride wish to be involved as well, especially if they are paying for or partially paying for the wedding. It is best to discuss with your parents up front regarding who is making the decisions so that neither of you are faced with a surprise.

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Your wedding planner is a great asset to have and can help you plan your wedding from start to finish. But, you need to make sure that you are prepared for them by deciding these items before you meet with the wedding planner for the first time. In addition, make sure that you stop by Best for Bride in order to find all of your wedding day attire and décor needs.

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  1. For the most part, you know the wedding planner is going to do most of the work, however, having these things ready is a great start to planning your big day!

  2. Great tips! It would make the visit a lot easier than not having an idea of what you can expect.

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