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Wildly Unique Outdoor Wedding Venues

While a church is the traditional choice for wedding venues, so many possible wedding venues often are overlooked. More and more people are choosing unique outdoor wedding venues that reflect their hobbies or interests. There are many unconventional choices for those who want their wedding to reflect their love nature. Here are some examples of wildly unique outdoor wedding venues.

Rustic venues appeal to many couples. Numerous country settings rent space for weddings. A popular version is the barn wedding or reception. Across the United States, barns are rented as rustic chic wedding venues. You may be surprised what is available in your area if you do an internet search for “barn weddings.”

An apple orchard wedding is a way to hold the wedding and reception outdoors in the same location. Some apple orchards regularly rent an orchard space for weddings. Some allow the couple to use their apples in their decorations. If the couple wanted a few bowls with apples or small floral arrangements with apples included on the reception tables, they should verify the policy for using apples from the orchard or bring their own apples. Of course, it would be much easier to buy apples that match the kind at the orchard from a grocery store rather than worrying about picking apples.

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Natural waterfalls and caverns may offer wedding packages. Businesses offer waterfall weddings in many tropical locations such as Jamaica and Costa Rica. If you are looking for something closer to home, you may want to contact area tourist locations with the features you want for your wedding. Some may not have considered offering a wedding package until you contact them or might not have the packages advertised on their websites.

Butterfly and botanical gardens make wonderful wedding venues. These are popular wedding venues, so you will want to book yours well in advance. As with all outdoor venues, make sure you are happy with the provisions for a rainy day. Consider things like parking and the availability of restrooms.

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Love the outdoors but want something truly unique? Why not have a day of glamping for your wedding? Glamping is luxury camping. Some couples create fun glamping spots in their backyard for the big day. Others rent out a camping park that specializes in glamping. Instead of the usual reception dinners, the couple may go with traditional camping food such as grilled food and smores. If roasting marshmallows is your style, glamping may be perfect for your fabulous wedding.

Who doesn’t love animals? If the couple loves animals, why not rent out a petting zoo or space at a regular zoo. Would you love monkeys or penguins as added guests to your wedding? Believe it or not, some zoos such as the Oklahoma City Zoo and Philadelphia Zoo offer wedding packages. Some zoos truly cater to the needs of the couple and offer several possible wedding venues within the zoo. Even if the local zoo does not have wedding packages, many zoos have areas that can be rented for events like weddings. Now, that’s wildly unique!

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  1. I always liked outdoor weddings, but what a gamble would that be with the weather? We are having a summer wedding have everything ready except a backup in case of weather. I am not sure what to do about that.

  2. I tend to like the barn weddings. There is something cute and unique about the barn weddings that I have been to.

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