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Bridesmaid Dresses: Dressing Up to Make-Up or If You Hate Your Bridesmaid Dress

Brides are too excited about their wedding theme oft forgetting that their bridesmaids are not insensitive dolls. They demand that their bridesmaid wear bridesmaid dresses of hideous colors or wacko designs that don’t give justice to their skin coloring or physical assets. What should you do before or if you get stuck in this horrible mess?

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Bear and Grin It

When there is no other way out, you’ll have to bear and grin it through the wedding ceremony and imagine all sorts of punishment you would like to inflict on the insensitive bride who might be your bossy sister or your frazzled best friend. No matter how you look in that dress, grit your teeth and jump out of that bridesmaid dress the moment the wedding ceremony is done and party later in a stunning dress, which you furtively picked out from the hoards of bridesmaid gowns at the bridal shop.

Your sister or your best friend will get the drift and since you’ve done your part, they can’t and won’t faint on the spot at your sneakiness. They have no excuse to strike your name off their BFF list because you went through the ordeal gladly albeit gritting your molars all the way. You’re still their best sister or friend and you get to have your wedding cake and show it off too.

Luxurious Bridal Bonus Package - Wedding Dress

Had you protested about the bridesmaid dress the bride picked out for you, you could have unleashed the horrors of Pandora’s Box. Either the bride won’t talk to you again for ages and/or let your rival take your place. That would be an epic of a disaster – so bear and grin it and shop for a dress – the best of the lot in bridesmaid dresses.

Plead and Cajole

If the bride can be persuaded to change her mind, do it. Show her how her bridesmaid would look in a hideous mustard yellow dress. Wouldn’t that reflect her state of mind going through the wedding preparations?

Whisper that her arch-rival had sumptuous bridesmaid dresses that didn’t cost her a packet and you’ll have her 100 percent alert attention. If there are five of you who are going to wear the same dress, no matter what size and shape you have, tell the recalcitrant bride that she’ll have losers in her bridal line-up. Her wedding day would be perfect if everyone is a winner, including her mom and her mom-in-law. That will cinch the deal.

Bridesmaid Dresses Special Offer

bridesmaid dresses

Offer to Pay for the Dress

The bride is not herself during the wedding preparations and if budget impels her to get the cheapest but ugly bridesmaid dresses for her hapless bridesmaids who are going to the guillotine, then march up and tell her nicely that you can pay your way. Sweeten the offer with compliance to her wedding theme and colors of course. She cannot say no to this generous offer.

Go With Her When She Shops

Don’t make the mistake of letting the bride shop alone when she’s going out to shop for her bridesmaids’ apparel. That would end in disaster. Offer to give her your solicitous company even if you are in the middle of things. When she goes in the wrong direction, steer her towards the fashionable section of bridesmaid dresses. If she frowns at the price tags, offer to pay half of the price. Already in a tizzy contemplating a thousand and one details, you know your strategy will work.

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