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The Bridesmaid Dress that Would Make You a Bride Fast Enough

Are you always the bridesmaid but never the bride? There might be a lot of reasons but if you have been waiting for your man to pop the question you might as well go the nine yards to impress him with your bridesmaid dress on your best friend’s wedding.

Doll up Honey

Don’t be coy. Doll up honey on your best friend’s wedding. It’s about time you snare your man because being a bridesmaid twenty times over is no longer a laughing matter if your boyfriend has been reluctant to pop the question. Dazzle him this time with a preview of the bride you can become in your sumptuous bridesmaid dress.

If you have been spending for your bridesmaid getup, don’t hesitate to splurge. Don’t think cheap but yet stay frugal if you know what it means. You can get great looking bridesmaid dresses at discount prices, have your hair and makeup done by a great stylist and bam! You’re the best-looking bridesmaid in the bridal lineup.

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Certainly you have to follow the rules. If the bride wants a color theme but agrees to have her bridesmaid choose their styles, work it. Choose that bridesmaid dress that adores your coloring and a style that shows off your curves and hides your imperfections. Nobody is physically perfect in that department so don’t be shy to ask the bridal specialist for something that would hide that behind or camouflage those breasts – full or lean.

If you have been watching scores of celebrities during their red carpet exhibitions you get more fantastic ideas for your bridesmaid dress and accessories. Copy their hairstyles and check if your face shape goes well with that hairdo. For your makeup, go as natural as you can for that refreshing look your man can’t resist. He better start thinking before somebody else beats him to the finish line.

Of course, you shouldn’t steal the show from the bride. Don’t go for revealing dresses, it makes you look cheap. Go for regal lines instead; aren’t royals wearing understated but fantastic dresses to weddings? If you opt for deep cleavage or thigh high slits, you might end up losing your man if he is conservative as your gramps. So walk down the aisle with understated elegance and confidence. This time, make a go for it. He will take the drift fast enough.

Shopping for Your Killer Dress

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When your best friend announces she’s getting married and you are one of her bridesmaids, start looking for a dress. Ask the brides about her wedding theme and if she wants a beach wedding, don’t opt for frills and ribbons. Choose a bridesmaid dress that gives that sexy Caribbean feel – a sexy midriff top and loose gauzy skirt easily transform you into a sea nymph.

If the bride wants a garden wedding don’t strut in tight fitting skirts, but opt for a flowing skirt of luxurious sheer fabric. You can bet your life that your man will love the vision of you floating in the garden like a woodland fairy.

Whatever the theme of your best friend’s wedding; make it a point to choose a dress that stands out from other bridesmaid gowns. Ask your buddies about their ideas for a bridesmaid dress and sort them out. Or coyly ask your man what makes a bridesmaid stand out and go from there.

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