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The Wedding Dress 101 Buying Guide

Shopping for a wedding gown should be a fun, exciting and exhilarating experience for all soon-to-be brides. However, more times than not the experience quickly turns overwhelming. Most women have put much thought into their “dream” dress and have a picture of exactly what they want. The problem is that a wedding dress is a first time purchase knowing what to do and when to do it suddenly becomes daunting. Without experience shopping for any major purchase can become tiresome and with a wedding looming adding to the pressure, fear and anxiety soon panic sets in. Here are some tips to help alleviate the learning curve and eliminate “buyer’s remorse.”

Shop Early As Possible – The best way to avoid major panic and last minute problems is to give plenty of time. There is a lot that goes into creating a wedding gown, they are usually custom made and require a few alterations for a perfect fit. Begin shopping at least nine months before the big day and try to allow 12 months. If you have less than six months available then go as simple as possible to avoid any major snags.

The Beginning – The start of the process is simple but is very important to the outcome. First, think about your style and how you want to look. Second, understand what the style of the wedding is going to be. Third, determine your budget for the wedding gown and last learn as much of the “lingo” as you can. This will help you walk into a store and get right down to business!

Hit The Shops – Begin checking out some different shops that meet your needs. Ask your best friends if they have any recommendations and browse online for your area. Narrow the list of shops down as much as possible making sure they have the designers you like and styles you want. Make sure when heading out to begin trying on dresses to be wearing all the accessories such as a strapless bra, slip and pantyhose. Any little item can cause a change in the overall look of a gown.

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Zone In – Begin to zone in on what you want, eliminate what you do not. Go back to the stores and keep trying on the gowns and narrowing down the choices. Try to go alone one time so that you can really focus on what you desire without any other influence. Take your time and go back ten times if need be, you likely will not be even close to the most neurotic or indecisive bride the store has dealt with.

Six Months – At this point you need to be ordering the wedding gown. Make sure once ordered carefully to review the receipt for any errors and so no mistakes will occur later. Check basic things such as designer name, style number, size or measurements the salon is sending to the manufacturer, date of delivery is most important. After a month passes from placing the order call and confirm the delivery date.

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Six Weekssix weeks before the wedding it is time for the first fitting. Grab your best friend or family member and all the accessories you will be wearing. Try to bring someone you trust and who will be honest. Schedule another fitting a week or two later and make sure there are no problems such as with any hems or that the gown is uncomfortable in anyway. Try to bring your maid of honor, so she is aware of the gown and can help with areas such as complicated straps or bustling.

Three Weeks – This should be about the time you are ready to pick up your wedding dress. Schedule a day and time that you will come to the salon. Scheduling will allow you one last opportunity to try the dress on and assure everything is perfect. This will be the final chance to make any last minute alterations so make sure you try the gown on again!

Shopping for a wedding gown is every young girls’ dream. Once the reality sets in follow these tips, and you will avoid the dream turning into a nightmare. So long as you are prepared, understand what needs to be done and have a scheduled time frame for the process all problems will be eliminated. The only thing that will be left to do is walk down the aisle in confidence and of course take in all the compliments on how beautiful you look in your perfect wedding gown!

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