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Lingerie for the wedding party

It’s a big enough decision when a bride-to-be is choosing the perfect underwear for her big day, but next on the list are the bride and groom’s nearest and dearest, the wedding party. Bridesmaids will usually be attending dress fittings together or at least at the same dress shop, so this is a great opportunity to discuss what is going to be worn under the bridesmaids’ dresses. If the dresses are identical, then chances are the same style of lingerie may well be suitable in varying sizes.

Getting the balance right between what looks amazing, fits comfortably and comes in at a reasonable price is a real challenge. There is so much fantastic wedding day lingerie on the market and there’s no reason why the wedding party can’t wear something just as lovely as the bride-to-be.

The design of the bridesmaids’ dresses will almost certainly determine the style of underwear that they should wear. Perfectly matching bridesmaids are not as commonplace as they used to be and sometimes a colour is the only theme with all the dresses being different styles, but made from the same fabric.

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If there is a range in age and shape of bridesmaids it’s a good rule to choose dresses that will suit everyone so no-one is left feeling uncomfortable on the wedding day. The same goes for underwear in that not everyone is happy in the same things. A lot of women hate underwired bras as they find them unbearably uncomfortable. The advice of your dressmaker is invaluable and they will usually be able to come up with some professional tips and tricks for all shapes and sizes when it comes to underwear for the wedding party.

Strapless dresses, often worn with a separate shrug are traditionally popular for the wedding party so it is important that suitable underwear is chosen. Even if the shrug is not going to be taken off, it’s still wise to pick strapless lingerie in this instance.

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Light control shapewear is never off limits, even at a wedding, so if you want to have a faultless sleek silhouette it’s the perfect solution. Just remember, don’t pick any garment that is too constricting as it is going to be on all day. Make sure you can eat, drink and dance the night away without feinting.

Basques are a great fun choice for a wedding as they come in such a range of designs that there really is something for everyone and every type of dress. They create a lovely smooth shape under most dress styles and are guaranteed to make the wearer feel extra special. Team them up with stockings and suspenders and you can’t go wrong for an amazing look.

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A wedding is a great excuse to go for something a bit special and perhaps even look at the celebrity designer collections available. The Elle MacPherson underwear range offers an unbeatable selection of amazing lingerie choices that make you look and feel fabulous – the only problem is not buying the whole collection because everything is so gorgeous.

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  1. It’s pretty much helpful, I never knew of this. There will be lingerie and other gifts my gals will be providing.

  2. Whew! This is something quite sexy to think about. I did always think the Elle MacPherson line was very nice!

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  4. These are good tips, but I didn’t think it would be a big deal, you know what I mean?

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