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Sleek Wedding Gowns For Sophisticated Brides-to-be

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Many brides-to-be are looking for sleeker designs that defy the “Disney princess” stereotype; if you’re not wild about voluminous skirts and frou-frou details …you’re definitely not the only one who’s looking for something different!

Plenty of women want more streamlined bridal gowns that hug the body or fall in a simple column; these dresses don’t usually feature an excess of fabric and embellishment. Luckily, there are a range of gorgeous wedding gowns that are incredibly elegant and refined – these bridal dresses are made for women who appreciate the art of understatement.

 In general, sleek gowns will look best when they are accompanied by modern hairstyles, strong makeup, and bold accessories. Examples of famous women who prefer body-conscious, refined evening dresses and bridal gowns include Emily Blunt, Evan Rachel Wood, and Maggie Gyllenhaal.

Emily Blunt - Wikipedia Creative Commons Image by Tabercil

Confidence is important when choosing a gown that pushes the envelope and reveals your shape; couture details and high-fashion touches require the right attitude. If you’ve got natural presence, and you’re not afraid of stylized and cutting-edge wedding dresses, you’ll probably adore the modern designs shown on this page…

Simple, But Never Plain…

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If you want to wear the dress (rather than the dress wearing you!), a simple, flowing column style, such as the striking gown shown above, may be an ideal choice. Designed to highlight the face and hair, as well as the delicacy of a woman’s shoulders, arms, decolletage and throat, a fluid gown like this one shows ladylike confidence. A chic necklace crafted from sheer ribbon and a sparkling pin will add a touch of high-fashion whimsy to this simple and stunning frock.

Show Your Minimalist Style…

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A touch of pretty shimmer adds richness to this luxurious strapless wedding gown. Fitted and sleek, this lustrous satin number is incredibly sexy, without being remotely inappropriate. This gown really does underscore the value of simplicity in design; highly flattering and very low-key, it shows superior quality and beauty, without an ocean of ruffles or tulle…

Wear your hair down for added sensuality…skip the veil to put the spotlight on your flowing tresses and tailored bridal gown. Simple high heels, subtle drop earrings, and a delicate jewelled bracelet will be ideal accessories for this type of design…

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Makeup Tips

To make the most of your sleek style, put the emphasis on perfect skin; a luminous complexion is the perfect complement to a sleek and stylized dress. To get the right look, use a primer, such as Smashbox Photo Finish – this sort of cosmetic smooths the skin to prepare it for foundation. A great base, such as Laura Mercier’s Creme Smooth Foundation, will give the skin a beautiful glow.

Follow up with pressed powder blush that matches the undertones in your skin. For minimalist eyes, use eye shadows in neutral tones, such as cream, white, and taupe, and limit mascara to the top lashes only. A groomed eyebrow is very important – lightly pencil in your brows to define them, and then make sure they are shaped properly.

For finishing touches, add a rich and sophisticated lip color – treat yourself to a runway-ready tube of Nars Satin Lipstick in Russian Doll (an elegant burgundy).  Dust your face with translucent powder to set your foundation and blush.

Best for Bride is Here to Help

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With a little help from Best for Bride, you can customize your look and find the dress you’ve always dreamed of. We even offer a convenient online bridal store so you can order right from your own home. Contact us today to find out more about our wedding decor ideas, our many bricks-and-mortar stores, and everything our experienced and caring staff members offer to brides-to-be…

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