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Kim Kardashian’s Marriage – What Happened?

It’s hard to avoid cynicism about this marriage, and many people are convinced that the couple’s relationship was a total sham…one that was scripted by the couple (and Kim’s writers) to create a moneymaking and publicity bonanza. Others feel that Kris became caught up in the whirlwind that is the entire Kardashian family, and that he just couldn’t take the pressure.

Kim, who is the daughter of the late Robert Kardashian (who was a renowned lawyer and, for a time, a member of O.J. Simpson’s defense team) and Kris Jenner (now married to Olympic great Bruce Jenner), is said to be strongly influenced by her family. Kris Humphries, who hails from Minnesota, came from a less-glamorous, more down-to-earth background…in the eyes of some, these two were just too different to make things work…

This couple may have been destined for divorce, but they certainly weren’t destined for the poorhouse. Kim, who accepted free loot galore while planning her wedding, managed to offset all sorts of nuptial expenses, including her snow-white Vera Wang bridal dress. Flowers, food, and decor were given to the bride-to-be at an amazingly deep discount – or for free. In some cases, wedding-related companies may have jumped at the chance to pay Ms. Kardashian and her b-ball groom-to-be for the privilege of outfitting their wedding.

Lucrative endorsements, TV rights valued at ten million dollars, and a ton of free publicity resulted from this televised ceremony and reception…

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When mulling over Kim’s (less than) three month’s of marriage, most of the media have expressed outrage and disgust; however, this same media jumps to cover stories on this woman and whatever she promotes – from lip gloss to high heels to handbags. Therefore, this marriage, which may well have been designed simply to boost TV ratings, is simply another mechanism in Kim Kardashian’s vast public relations machine.

For those who believe in Kim, and those who trusted the couple as they expressed their love for one another so often and so publicly, the quick and decisive divorce filing by Kim Kardashian seems quite crass; people ask themselves whether or not Kim and Kris will return their wedding gifts, and how the couple could justify a ten-million dollar wedding in a country beset by economic woes…

They wonder why Kim bailed so fast, and what really went on…

Whether these two were in love at all is really questionable, and it does bring up some interesting thoughts about the nature of marriage. Sometimes, it’s important to strip away all of the glitz and glamour of a planned wedding day and to consider the basic commitment being made. After all, the love and trust between a couple should be built to last. Only after that true love and friendship is rock-solid should the bride and groom-to-be plan a beautiful ceremony with gorgeous gowns and tuxedos and lovely wedding decor.

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In the case of Kim and Kris, their marriage was a castle built of sand – while it looked beautiful for a time, it was (most likely) never what it appeared to be…

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