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Fit For a Wedding

You have 6 months to your wedding day – what’s your fitness routine to get into shape for the special day?

Well you can always just go for designer jewellery, it will always fit. I got engaged in September and arranged my wedding for February. I am not a slim girl and needed to get myself in better shape for my wedding. I dreaded the shopping trip to find a wedding dress, I had previously done bridesmaid for my sister and found it quite humiliating looking for a dress when I was not the ideal 10 or 12. I was always told that wedding dresses are usually small fitting and therefore I would need a larger size for the big day, another nightmare to face. But before buying a dress, I surely needed some gym wear!

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I realised that I would not lose lots of weight before my big day but I was determined to look better, and smaller, I set about on quite a strict regime. I had a healthy eating plan, cut out alcohol and took up walking and playing badminton with my sister. I also hoped that the stress leading up to the big day would help me lose weight, but it did not

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My wedding was to be in the February and I put off looking for my wedding dress until the beginning of January, partly because I thought I might get one in the sales but mostly to allow me more time to get into shape. I must admit that the sensible eating and moderate did make some difference to my body, not so much to my weight but it definitely improved my body shape. I still found the whole finding a wedding dress experience a bit humiliating, hopefully something I will only do once.

My wedding was eight years ago so fitness techniques have probably moved on since then, but I think the basics of a sensible eating plan and moderate exercise should help most brides to be. I could not afford to go for special treatments or to join a gym with a personal trainer, it would probably be a very good idea to join a gym and get some professional help.

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