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Off the Rack or Custom Made

As a bride would you buy your wedding dress ready made from a store or would you have one custom made for you?

I would definitely choose to have a wedding dress made exclusively for me rather than simply buying one from a store. It may seem rather an extravagance but getting married is such a special occasion that I think it is well worth spending the extra money and having a dress custom made, just like wearing expensive designer shoes. It is important to choose a good dressmaker, preferably one that has been recommended to you. Most dressmakers are happy to show you samples of their work and testimonies from satisfied customers.

Having a custom made wedding dress means that you can choose the fabric such as silk, satin, tulle, chiffon etc. You can also check how likely it is to crease as you will be sitting in it for some time and want to keep looking your best.

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You can look at colour swatches and take advice on what colour suits your skin best. Off-white, cream, ivory or oyster – which is a pale pink, may suit you better than pure white. You might even decide to choose a coloured wedding dress such as a dramatic red or gold. I like the idea of having a say in the design of my dress too rather than just choosing one from a rail that would be identical to that chosen by thousands of other brides.

Custom made dresses are made to measure to fit the bride’s size exactly. The bride also attends several fittings whilst the dress is being made so that fine adjustments can be made if for example the bride loses or gains a little weight.  The finished dress would fit perfectly so would hang well and look stunning on that special day.

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The dream wedding dress could be cleaned after the wedding and stored carefully. It may well become a treasured family heirloom in the years to come and maybe it would be worn even by any future daughter at her wedding too.

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Every bride should look and feel special on her wedding day and having an original, personally designed wedding dress will make her feel gorgeous.

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