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Tips for Decorating the Wedding Getaway Car

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The tradition of the bride and groom leaving the reception in a car with a “Just Married” sign and trailing cans tied to the bumper is not a popular as it once was. Newlyweds are lingering at the receptions longer. It’s common for many guests to leave before the bride and groom. The nice part about a dwindling tradition is that a couple can use the tradition in a big way to end the reception with a bang. Here are some tips if you want to make a grand exit in a decorated wedding getaway car.

Classic cars are a popular choice for wedding getaway cars. Some couples choose to rent a limousine instead. Motorcycles and sports cars are other options for getaway cars. If the vehicle is rented, be sure to check any rules about decorating the car. While many people opt to use shaving cream to decorate a car thinking that the fluffy substance is safe, shaving cream actually can damage the paint. Besides, you can do much better than shaving cream to make a statement.

Traditionally, the groomsmen decorate the getaway car. However, many times the entire wedding party gets involved. Before deciding on decorations, check what car will be used and get any necessary permission to decorate it. If the couple is borrowing or renting the car, those decorating will need to check to see what decorations are allowed. Some limo companies have been known to charge the bride and groom a hefty cleaning fee for removing decorations.

Safety is of the utmost importance. No decorations should block the driver’s view. Things hanging from the bumper could become a hazard. Hanging cans from the car is illegal in some locations. The decorations should not cause any damage to the vehicles. Avoid using decorations like silly string which could cause stains on the wedding dress if the bride brushes up against it.

Ribbons and flower arrangements can be used to decorate the hood and the back of the vehicle. One couple used a classic pickup truck with a gorgeous fall flower arrangement across the back bumper. Balloons and streamers can be used to create a fun look.

The bridal party can create an elegant look that is fun and vibrant. Selecting a simple color scheme can pull the look together. Using random colored balloons and streamers turns the wedding getaway car into a clown car or something from a child’s birthday party. Instead, consider using two colors that complement the color of the car or match the wedding colors. Use white liberally. A car with decorations of white and one other color is a great way to create a sophisticated look.

A “Just Married” sign is a common choice. Some choose to have a sign with an alternative such as “Finally Hitched,” “Tied the Knot,” or “Mr. & Mrs.” The bridal party can choose a saying that is humorous or personal rather than a typical choice. The sign should let others know that these two special people just got married. Browse the Best for Bride blog for more tips on creating a memorable wedding.