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Why you should think twice before you ask these friends to be your bridesmaids

Not all your friends are good candidates for bridesmaids. While some of them will be up to the challenge of helping you plan and execute your wedding perfectly, others may not be as enthusiastic or capable of handling their responsibilities so well.


You will understand what we mean, once you see first-hand what some bridesmaids have accomplished. Read all about it at Bridesmaids who Upstage the Bride on the Daily Mail. Rather than learn this the hard way, it is good if you first consider whether a friend will do her part well before you ask her to be your bridesmaid.

So, in your best interests, we bring you a breakup of the various personality types who aren’t ideal bridesmaid material. If you have a friend who fits any of these descriptions, think twice or even thrice before you ask her to take on the role.

Jealous as a cat

Beware of your jealous girlfriend. Bridesmaids get the inside scoop on all the wedding planning, and if there is one girl who will try to steal your thunder, it is this jealous lady. Don’t ruin your mood everyday by sticking up to the competition she puts up, and worrying about when she will next try to outshine you. Just keep her off the list.

The know-it-all

The minute you announce your wedding, you will begin receiving wedding advice from every corner. While you can just ignore those, imagine having to put up with it all the time from someone who’ll be accompanying you when you go wedding shopping or as you make your wedding plans. If there is a friend who can become overbearing or tries to take over the wedding planning, please keep her off your bridesmaids list. It will keep you sane.

The drama queen

She is the one who will cry and scream and make a scene at the most inappropriate instances. Unless you can tolerate tears and tantrums other than your own, this bridesmaid can soon become annoying and irritating. Don’t expect her to tone down just because she is your bridesmaid. You may soon begin to dread her presence on the days you have to make important decisions regarding your wedding. Invite her to your wedding as a guest, and let her shed her tears as you glide down the aisle, rather than shock you by fainting on the aisle.

The gossip monger

A good bridesmaid should be loyal to the bride and able to keep secrets. You do not want your well-thought out wedding plans to be the talk of town before your wedding day. But this is what you will have to suffer if one of your bridesmaids is a gossip. She can spoil all the thrill and excitement of your wedding, by telling everyone what they can expect. Keep the mystery of your wedding day alive by keeping her away from your wedding party.

Are there any more friends who you think should stay out of your bridesmaid list at all costs? If so, do let us know.

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