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Pep up your winter wedding look with these warm and stylish wedding accessories

Winter can be so distressing at times! With the dip in temperatures, it often becomes so chilly that your choices in wedding dresses are limited to what is warm and allows you to tolerate the cold. Nevertheless, there is no denying the fact that winter is romantic in its own right. Be optimistic and you can conquer the winter with a fantastic wedding outfit, that is unique, stylish and most of all, comfortable!

Sleeveless and strapless wedding dress may seem a definite no in the cold months, but wait till you see what we have, to dismiss this thought. These great accessories that we have rounded up, will step up your style and allow you to dress in whichever dress you love. Let’s take a look at what they are!

Fur Cap

We are head over heels in love with this amazing fur cap. Doesn’t it scream for attention? We think it’s so stylish, that every winter bride should have one. The Zhivago Pill Box fur hat is one of the most fashionable choices in the market today, and you can choose one in a color that matches the white of your wedding dress, for maximum impact. If you are an ethically conscious bride, there are beautiful faux fur designs that look as good as an original. Pay attention the details when you choose from them, and not even a trained eye will be able to spot the difference.

Fur Cape

Complete your designer wedding look with a fabulous fur cape, and a signature style element like a Mandarin Collar. This one is particularly interesting, as you can easily fasten it to your collar with the fur dangles. Imagine yourself in a spectacular white wedding gown, accentuated with this fur cape. Don’t you feel like a snow queen already?

Snow boots


You will most definitely be having an indoor wedding in winter. Despite this, we think you should be daring with your footwear choice, to match it to the cool holiday ambiance that is the signature of winter. Cozy snow boots will not only dress up your feet in the most interesting way, it will also look trendy. And, when you choose one in a color that is similar to that featured here, you needn’t look further for your “something blue.”


What could more snug than a warm scarf to keep those chills away? White is the typical choice, but why don’t you consider choosing one in a color that matches your wedding palette, and contribute to the décor in your distinctive way? Experiment with various styles while wearing your wedding dress, so you can find the best way to wear it right. Take a look at this video on youtube, for both traditional and unusual styles to wear it.

So, which of these will you be incorporating into your winter wedding? To look at our collection of accessories for the winter bride, all you have to do is click on this link to Best for Bride. Come visit us today, and make your pick.