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Wedding Budgeting: How To Keep Track Of Your Expenses: 30 Ways to Do It

Wedding Budgeting: How To Keep Track Of Your Expenses: 30 Ways to Do It

Wedding budgeting can be daunting, but keeping track of your expenses to ensure that you do not overspend is essential. There are many ways to keep track of your wedding budget, and below, we will outline 30 of the most popular methods.

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Planning a Wedding on a $5000 Budget

Weddings are expensive, but they don’t always have to be. If you have an extremely small budget of $5000, there are still some fantastic ideas that will allow you to have the wedding of your dreams without going way over budget. Try out some of these tricks below so that you can have a beautiful wedding on a $5000 budget.

Your Wedding Gown


While this is one area that you will probably want to splurge on, you can easily find a beautiful gown at a discounted price. Instead of looking for fully priced options, try looking at the discount racks at your local bridal store instead. You will be able to find beautiful options that won’t break the bank.


Décor can easily eat up a huge portion of your wedding day budget. However, you can also make some fantastic choices simply by making the decorations on your own. There are many ideas posted online that will help you and you can find tutorials on them as well. Supplies can be bought at any art supply store. Don’t forget to check out the clearance sections in these stores as well.



Ordering wedding invitations can be extremely expensive and can cost up to $1000 just by themselves. You should always look for discounted options or consider making your own invitations instead. There are many fantastic designs that you can print yourself using fancy cardstock and your printer. To find the cost savings, calculate the price that it will cost you to print them at home; including the price for ink, and compare that to the price you would pay to order them instead.


The reception is another place that can take a huge chunk of your budget. However, with some smart choices, you can easily knock down the amount of money that is taken up here. Consider having a simple reception where only cake and punch is served. If you are going for a full meal option, think about finger foods instead. For larger meal options, choose dishes that are made with chicken rather than steak because they are more affordable.

When deciding on drinks for your reception, you can also save money in this area as well. Instead of going for an open bar that will allow you to go way over budget, try some alternatives instead. By offering alcohol only during certain times, like the wedding toast, you will be able to save a great deal of money. Just make sure that you have some other options, like water and tea, prepared instead.



Another thing to keep in mind is the entertainment that you choose. While you can book a DJ for around $500, an entire band will cost closer to $1000. Making smart choices when planning your wedding, can allow you to have a beautiful wedding at a fraction of the average cost.

Don’t forget to stop by Best for Bride for all of your wedding day planning options. From discounted wedding gowns to the perfect décor, you will be able to find it all here.

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How to Choose a Venue for your Wedding


One of the most important factors to consider when you are planning your wedding is the venue that you will be holding it in. You will find that there are many to choose from in your location and it is one of the first decisions that you should make. It is possible that you select the venue before you select the date of your wedding depending on how popular the venue is.

Below you will find some tips on how to choose your venue as well as the things that you should consider while you are going through the decision making process.

Discuss and Negotiate

The first thing that you should do is to talk it over with your spouse to be. It is a good idea to choose a location that you both will love and can agree on. This is also a great time to begin discussing the number of people who will be invited from both sides of the family as well.

Consider your Budget


Many popular wedding venues cost quite a bit of money in order to book. This is definitely something that can prevent you from selecting certain venues that fall out of your budget. Before making the final choice as to which venue would work best for your wedding, it is a good idea to know how much money that you have to spend.

The Guests

The size of the venue can also be important. For example, if you choose a small venue that only holds 50 people, but you plan to invite 200, you may have a slight problem. On the flip side, a venue that is meant for thousands of people may be overkill if you will only have a hundred guests or so. Consider the people that you expect to attend and choose a venue that suits that number of guests.

The Date


As mention above, you may find that it is difficult to book certain venues on the actual date of your wedding. For this reason, it is best to see what your options are for the date of your wedding first. Or, better yet, select the venue first and then decide on the date. If you are a bit flexible on the date that you choose, you may find that you have more options to choose from.


When you are selecting your venue, there are many things that you should consider. It is also a good idea to consider where you plan to have the reception at this time as well. Since many people have the reception at a location separate from the wedding venue, this is something that you may want to think about when planning your wedding.

Best for Bride

Best for Bride is a bridal boutique that can help plan your wedding from start to finish. They offer a wide range of wedding gowns as well as many other things that are necessary for your big day. With their help, you will be able to have the best wedding possible, regardless of the venue that you ultimately choose.


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Ideas for a budget wedding

Getting your body trim and fit

You’ve found the one and you’re ready to share the joy of getting married with all your friends and relatives. Of course, you want everything to be perfect – from you dress and the wedding menu to the every last bit of floral decorations on the tables. Having the wedding of your dreams can be quite expensive… or not. You don’t have to spend a fortune on your wedding day – just use your creative side and follow these tips:

  1. Wedding venue


The wedding venue would without doubt be one of your biggest wedding expenses. However, you can save money by reserving a date during the week – Saturday is the most desired wedding date. You can also book a place located in the countryside – even better, you can hardly get the romance of the countryside within the city limits!

You can also choose an unusual venue that isn’t used for weddings in general. Not only is there a chance you’ll get a better price but if you choose a historical site or a gallery, the venue will also supply you with its own decoration!

  1. Reception menu


Financial struggles give you a great opportunity to get creative with your rehearsal dinner! You can throw a barbecue in yours or one of your friend’s backyards or organize a picnic in the local park. Not only are you saving on the cost of restaurant dinner, but your guests are guaranteed to have much more fun!

You can also save money on food and drinks by providing your own. Find a venue that allows you to bring your own food and gather your family and closest friends to help you.

  1. Timing

The timing of the wedding can make the difference between having a budget one and spending a fortune on a single day. Apart from avoiding throwing your special day on a Saturday, you should also take the season into account. Generally, the best time to have your wedding is in January.

  1. Wedding flowers


The best advice is to be smart about choosing the type of wedding flowers. Most of them, especially the exotic ones, can be quite pricey. You can get your artistic friend to take care of the wedding decorations. Another good idea is to hire a florist to do one arrangement and you and your friends can copy it for all other tables.

For these and more ideas on how to have the perfect wedding day, check