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How to Choose the Perfect Outfits for Your Wedding Party

How to Choose the Perfect Outfits for Your Wedding Party

Planning a wedding is no small feat; from choosing the venue to hiring vendors, many decisions must be made in preparation for the big day. But one of the most exciting tasks can also be daunting: picking out outfits. It would help if you chose outfits for all those special people who have agreed to stand up with you on your wedding day. How do you ensure everyone looks their best while keeping your budget and saving hours shopping? It’s time to take some grind from this task and start getting creative instead. In this blog post, we’ll cover all your needs when assembling outfits for yourself and each wedding party member. 

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Consider the Formalities

Before you start shopping, it’s essential to consider the formality of your wedding. The time of day, location, and style will all play a part in dictating the dress code for your big day. For instance, a traditional church wedding in the afternoon might call for a more formal outfit, like a suit or ball gown, while a beach wedding at sunset might lend itself more towards casual attire.

The season in which your wedding takes place can also influence the formality and style of the outfits. For a summer wedding, lighter fabrics and colours may be appropriate, while a winter wedding may call for heavier and darker colours. Also, consider the age range of your wedding party. Short dresses and separates are always great options for bridesmaids for a more youthful look. 

Moreover, consider the uniformity of the wedding party’s attire. Your party should match exactly or coordinate in colour or style. This decision will depend on your preference and the overall aesthetic you aim for. In all cases, it’s crucial to communicate your expectations clearly to your wedding party. They need to know the level of formality and the colour palette or style you aim for to ensure everyone looks coordinated and polished on your big day.

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Shop for the Kids

Shopping for the little members of your wedding party can be fun and delightful. Here are a few things to consider:

When shopping for flower girls or ring bearers, comfort is vital. Selecting outfits that complement your wedding theme and are comfortable and easy for the children to move in is essential. Opt for breathable fabrics and avoid irritating embellishments or tight fits that might cause discomfort.

For flower girls, consider dresses that echo the bride’s gown somehow. It could be a similar lace detail, the same colour shade, or even a similar dress style. This can create a cohesive look and makes for adorable photographs. As for ring bearers, a miniature suit or tuxedo can look incredibly charming, especially if it matches the groom’s or groom’s outfits.

Also, consider the practicality of the outfits. For instance, toddlers or younger children might be better off in short dresses or two-piece outfits, which can be easier for diaper changes or bathroom breaks. You can find ready-made toddler girl dresses online, or you can have them custom-made. Teething or drooling babies might need a bib to protect their outfits. So, always consider the age and needs of the child.

Lastly, remember to check with the parents when choosing outfits for the kids. They know their children’s preferences and comfort levels best. Involving them in the decision process can ensure the children are happy and comfortable on the big day.

Consider the Venue

Your wedding venue plays a significant role in influencing your wedding party attire. If the ceremony is in an upscale, luxurious location, you should gravitate towards more formal and elegant outfits. On the other hand, a rustic barn or a scenic outdoor park call for a more relaxed and eclectic dress code.

Moreover, practical considerations related to the venue are equally important. For instance, if the platform involves a lot of walking or stairs, having the bridesmaids in towering heels might be a better idea. Similarly, lighter fabrics would work best for beach venues to ensure the comfort of your wedding party. Remember, the platform should enhance your wedding aesthetics, not present obstacles to your wedding party’s comfort and style.

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Prioritize Comfort

Comfort should be a paramount consideration when selecting outfits for your wedding party. Remember, they’ll wear these outfits for many hours, moving, dancing, and celebrating with you. It is essential that everyone feels comfortable and at ease in their attire. Please pay close attention to the fit of the clothes, making sure they are not too tight or loose, allowing for free and comfortable movement.

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Footwear is another critical aspect of comfort. Encourage your wedding party to select shoes that are stylish yet comfortable. A high-heeled shoe may look fabulous, but it’s not practical if it causes discomfort or pain. Consider having a more comfortable alternative, such as dress flats or even stylish sandals, especially for the reception where a lot of dancing may be involved. Ultimately, when your wedding party feels good, they’ll look great, too.

Be Mindful of Costs

Paying attention to costs is critical when choosing outfits for your wedding party. It’s essential to be respectful of everyone’s different budget constraints. If you have your heart set on a particular expensive business, consider contributing towards the cost or offering options at various prices. Always discuss budgets openly and honestly before shopping to avoid any uncomfortable situations down the line.

Consider rentals for suits, tuxedos, or dresses to cut costs. Numerous online platforms offer fashionable wedding party attire for rent at a fraction of the cost. Another cost-saving option is to choose off-the-rack outfits instead of custom-made ones. Discount retailers or end-of-season sales can also provide stylish options at budget-friendly prices.

Consider borrowing from friends or family or purchasing from resale websites or thrift stores for children’s outfits. Children proliferate, and the outfits may only be worn once, so spending a lot on them may be costly. Lastly, consider the additional costs that might be obscure initially, like alterations, accessories, shoes, and undergarments. All these can add up and should be included in the initial budget discussions. 

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Coordinate, Not Match

When dressing the wedding party, a modern trend is coordinating, not matching. This approach involves choosing a colour palette or style theme and allowing each wedding party member to select an outfit that fits within those parameters but suits their individual taste and body shape. This can lead to a beautifully harmonious yet diverse look for your wedding party.

For instance, you might choose a colour scheme of pastel hues and let your bridesmaids select dresses in various shades within that palette – one might opt for a soft lavender, another for a pale mint green, and another for a blush pink. This way, each bridesmaid is wearing a colour that flatters her skin tone and a dress style that suits her body shape, yet all the outfits complement each other.

Suits or tuxedos for the groomsmen can also be coordinated similarly. You might choose a particular suit style or colour, but allow each groomsman to choose a tie or pocket square in a pattern or colour that suits his style, as long as it complements the colour theme selected.

This approach can make for beautiful and exciting wedding photos and ensures that your wedding party is comfortable and feels good in what they’re wearing. It also shows respect for each individual’s style and preferences. The key to making it work is clear communication about your chosen colour palette or style theme and being open to a dash of creativity from your wedding party.

Account for the Weather

When choosing outfits for your wedding party, considering the weather is vital for everyone’s comfort. The time of year, geographic location, and whether the wedding is indoors or outdoors all play a role in your decision-making.

Light fabrics such as chiffon, organza, or linen for a summer wedding can keep the party relaxed and comfortable. Avoid dark colours that can absorb heat and opt for lighter shades instead. Sun hats for ladies and breezy, open-collared shirts for men can add a stylish yet practical touch.

In contrast, consider heavier fabrics like velvet or satin for a winter wedding to provide warmth. Incorporating accessories such as shawls, gloves, and faux fur stoles can make a fashionable statement while keeping bridesmaids cozy. For groomsmen, wool suits, stylish overcoats, and scarves can combat the cold effectively.


If the event is outdoors, consider the potential for weather changes. Have a backup plan, such as umbrellas for sudden rain or wraps for an unexpected chill. For beach weddings, sandals or barefoot sandals can be a comfortable alternative to traditional shoes, which can be problematic in the sand.

Remember, the goal is to ensure that every wedding party member is comfortable so they can fully enjoy the festivities. Considering the weather conditions in your planning, you’re one step closer to achieving a memorable and enjoyable wedding day.

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Choosing the perfect outfits for your wedding party is essential to planning your big day. However, it’s also a task that requires careful consideration. The chosen attire should be appropriate for the occasion, comfortable for the wearers, and respectful of everyone’s tastes and budget constraints. With proper planning, you can ensure that your special day looks as beautiful as it feels.

Summary: How to Choose Outfits for Your Wedding Party

Consider the Formalities:

  • Assess the time of day, location, and style of the wedding.
  • Seasonal choices impact outfit formality and style.
  • Ensure uniformity or coordination in wedding party attire.

Shop for the Kids:

  • Prioritize comfort and style.
  • Echo the bride’s gown for flower girls for cohesion.
  • Include parents in the decision process for children’s outfits.

Venue Considerations:

  • Venue type dictates outfit formality.
  • Account for venue logistics like walking distances and terrains.

Prioritize Comfort:

  • Ensure outfits are neither too tight nor too loose.
  • Choose comfortable footwear, considering long wear and dancing.

Budget Considerations:

  • Be respectful of diverse budget constraints.
  • Explore rentals, off-the-rack choices, and discounts.
  • Consider hidden costs: alterations, accessories, etc.

Coordination over Matching:

  • Opt for a harmonious look by setting a color palette or style theme.
  • Allow individual style choices within the set parameters.

Weather Factors:

  • Choose appropriate fabrics for the season.
  • Plan for weather changes, especially for outdoor events.

FAQ: Outfits for Your Wedding Party

Why is it important to consider the formality of my wedding when choosing outfits?

Considering the formality of your wedding ensures that the outfits match the overall tone and style of the event. Factors such as time of day, location, and even the season can influence the dress code, ensuring that everyone looks coordinated and polished.

How should I approach selecting outfits for the children in my wedding party?

Prioritize comfort for children’s outfits. Choose outfits that are both fitting to your wedding theme and allow easy movement. It’s also vital to consider practicalities like ease for diaper changes or bathroom breaks for toddlers and to consult with the children’s parents to ensure comfort and preferences.

How does the wedding venue influence the choice of wedding party attire?

The venue sets the backdrop for your wedding, thus influencing the attire’s formality and style. Practical considerations, such as the amount of walking or nature of the terrain, should also be kept in mind to ensure the comfort and practicality of the outfits.

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How can I make sure that the outfits are budget-friendly for my wedding party?

Being mindful of costs is essential. Discuss budgets openly before shopping, consider rental options, and look into off-the-rack outfits or discounts. Also, don’t forget the hidden costs like alterations, accessories, and undergarments.

What does it mean to coordinate rather than match outfits for the wedding party?

Coordinating, rather than matching, means selecting a general style or color theme and allowing each member of the wedding party to choose an outfit that fits within those parameters. This approach ensures that everyone feels comfortable and looks their best while still adhering to the overall aesthetic of the wedding.

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