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Wedding Favors: Tips in Preserving Them

If you have attended a number of weddings, then you must have already bought a special cabinet to display all the wedding favors that you’ve received. You definitely would not want to throw them away or to give them to your other friends and family members as these are keepsakes. In fact, wedding favors are keepsakes of a very special occasion in the life of a person that you also consider as special.

Because of this, you are bound to keep them; not only that, you are bound to keep them in good condition until a few decades or so, if not forever. But how do you ensure that the dozens of wedding favors that have landed in your hands would be preserved at least until the first anniversary of the couple? These tips will certainly show you how.

Wedding favors

1. Put them in a safe place.

This does not mean that you have to deposit the wedding favors in a bank vault so they will be safe from burglars, home wrecks and even ordinary accidents. On the other hand, this means that if you have children at home for instance, you must keep these wedding favors out of their reach. You are not only doing yourself a favor. Somehow, you are doing the couple who have given you these keepsakes a favor for taking care of what they consider as a remembrance. You are also doing the children a favor because you are being responsible — you are keeping them away from danger.

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2. Keep them clean and dust –free.

All things, when kept clean, would last a long time. Remember those pairs of shoes that are kept clean while left in the shoe racks? They do last for years.

The same is true even for simple wedding favors. If you keep them dust- and dirt-free, they will have a longer life span. Of course, if they are always clean, they will always catch the attention of your visitors at home.

3. Remember them.

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It may sound crazy but even non-living things, as in the case of wedding favors, will “live” longer if they are remembered and thought of. You don’t have to act like a crazy person to do this. It’s as simple as acknowledging their existence everytime you pass by them.

If you’ve been keeping them in your living room cabinet, for example, then give these wedding favors a second look and remember the couple whose married life has started.

By doing so, you notice that a certain wedding favor needs cleaning, or is already nearing its “demise.” Through this, you also get to notice that it has been years since you’ve last made contact with the favor’s “owners.” This simple gesture could even allow you to revisit relationships and tie some strings.

Wedding favors may be simple, ordinary or even unnoticeable. However, remember the reason of their existence. And of course, remember the reason why up to this day, you are holding one of those wedding favors.

Those wedding favors come to be within your possession because once upon a time, you bore witness to the union of hearts of your special friends, or family members. And those little things, however ordinary, carry with them meaning that is beyond material essence… wedding favors mark as the start of two lives becoming one.

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