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When it comes to gifts, the personalized ones are always the better ones. They are always the more preferred and more sought-after giveaways. The same is true for wedding favors – personalized favors would always reap more appreciation and would generate more memories out of weddings.

So, why are personalized favors better than the many other designs of wedding favors displayed on some fancy bridal shops? Well, there are many reasons why favors of this touch and feel are more preferred — the most important of which is uniqueness.


Regardless of the design of your personalized favors, they will always have unique touch. This is because the design will bear your name, your family emblems. Even your simple initials could already do the trick.

This way, even if the design of your wedding favors is the same as the ones given out on another wedding ceremony, you need not worry. Your personalized favors will always be remembered as yours, and not someone else’s.

Wedding favors

Sentimental Value

You can’t deny the level of sentiment that’s attached to personalized favors. Even in plain gift-giving, presents that bear the effort of personalization will always be seen as a notch higher. Your guests will also remember you and your wedding forever because these personalized favors will never fail in their job, that is, to remind your guests of the most important day of your and your husband’s life.


More often than not, wedding — especially personalized — favors will be displayed in the homes of your beloved guests. Therefore, their respective visitors and anyone who steps into their doorstep and lays eyes on those decorations would surely be informed about some of the details of your wedding. Not only that, personalized favors will not only advertise your wedding, but they will also promote the makers and manufacturers of these fine little things. Surely, your supplier cannot thank you enough for this free but effective advertisement.


This is one unspoken but very effective aspect of personalized favors, thoughtfulness. Couples who decide on giving out this kind of wedding favors to their guests will always be thought of as a pair who is not stringent on time and thought. Even if these personalized favors are not that expensive, but as long as they are personalized, they will always be seen as special and meaningful.

Of course, you’d prefer your giveaways and wedding keepsakes to be dearly remembered. And there’s no better way in doing so than in investing thought and time before deciding on them.

Wedding favors, though minor in detail, are as equally important as the other aspects of any wedding preparation. They may be the last things that are presented and distributed to the guests but don’t forget that they are the last items that your visitors will “relate” to your wedding.

Therefore, it’s but important for you to strategically think of wedding favor designs as they will have a significant role in reminding your guests that once upon a time, a happily-ever-after materialized in real life — it so happened that such a life is yours.

If you want your wedding ceremony to be dearly remembered, go for personalized favors. However way you spell them — wedding favours or wedding favors — always has an answer to your every unique need.

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