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Wedding Favors – His and Hers?

Traditionally, wedding favors are given to guests to thank them for sharing the happy event; as a rule, one token is given to a family or a couple and the same token is generally distributed to all guests Have you are wondered if it is possible to have different tokens for the men and the women? It’s possible. Nowhere is it written in stone that these giveaways should always follow tradition. If the guests are happy, there’s nothing wrong with your decision.   

For a small wedding, you and your groom can decide on separate wedding favours for your intimate circle of friends. It really won’t make a dent on the budget. If you have invited 50 people then for sure you have double checked the number of males and females.

You can still get discounts by buying wedding favors in bulk for the two genders. Scented soap under $2.00 for the ladies and bottle stoppers for the gentlemen. This gesture doubles the fun for the guests. However, this is appropriate for a small party group of 20 when you are thinking of a simple wedding on a budget.

Practical Wedding Favors Under Two Dollars

A one-stop bridal shop offers a stunning array of wedding tokens. There are eye-popping selections available so it is easy for you to find one that suits your style. Prices for affordable items range from 75> to $20. For 20 guests, you will shell out $15 for 20 75> items. Here are some tokens you can be proud to give away:

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* Calla Lily Candles with thank you tags
* Photo frame and place holder
* Love glass coasters
* Flower bookmarks
* Scented soap
* Cookie cutters
* Measuring spoons
* Key holders
* Measuring tape
* Bottle stopper

How to Present Your Wedding Favors

There are several ways to give your tokens to guests. For a small party you can give the tokens when a guest is ready to leave. Or for a bigger party, you can instruct the waiter to distribute these to departing guests. To make it easier for the waiter to do his job, have the presents wrapped with the telltale blue or pink satin ribbons.

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If you are planning a formal dinner, the waiter should be able to follow the seating plan so the small packages can be set on the proper place. Or you can arrange the tokens in a basket and with your groom go around and distribute the gifts individually.

Perhaps you would like to be different. You can always have faux wishing well and let the guests tug the rope which is attached to a bucket filled with the tokens. Or you can set up a tree of thanks and hang the giveaways on the branches. Inform the guests in advance that you have separate tokens for the gentlemen and the ladies.

His and hers wedding favors are fun. If you want to do this, go ahead, your guests will love this nice idea.

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