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Top Tips For Edible Wedding Favors

If you want wedding favors that all of your guests will appreciate and partake of, the edible varieties are your top choices. After all, not everybody can appreciate the subtleties of scented candles, the cuteness of miniature watering cans, the usefulness of glass coasters and fridge magnets, and the playfulness of light-up rings, among other things. But with food, you can satisfy your guests’ love for candy, wine, coffee, cookies, cupcakes and other delicacies.

For the Sweet Tooth

You can set up a penny candy cart where your guests can stock up on childhood candy favorites – button candy, jelly drops, gum drops, mints, and mini chocolate bars, to name a few – in personalized takeout boxes. Not only will you satisfy the sweet tooth, you will also be taking a trip down memory lane with these simple but delectable wedding favors.

Or you can provide a jar of organic honey for your guests, wrap it in a length of ribbon, and pin a tag with sweet messages of your choice. You will be providing sales to the local bee farm while providing sweet wedding favors of the health-friendly kind to your family and friends.

Or you can hand out your favorite cookies packaged in cute little boxes wrapped in ribbon. You need not bake it yourself since you can ask the local bakery to make it in batches for you.

However, if it is a long-cherished family recipe, you can always ask the help of your siblings and parents.

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Or you can always hand out mini cupcakes that are a reflection of your wedding cake. This way, your guests can have mini-cakes to show at home if they want. Or they can eat it right there! How is that for wedding cakes doing double duty as wedding favors?

For the Oenophiles

To the uninitiated, that is wine lovers for you. You can package mini wine bottles with the same wine you used during the reception, use a personalized wine bottle stopper, and attach a ribbon to them with your own message of thanks.

Admittedly, this can be on the expensive side but your guests will admire and appreciate the thoughtfulness behind the gifts. It is small compensation for the trouble they, too, took to attend your wedding.

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For the Coffee Lovers

These are wedding favors that almost every adult will love. Do not settle for the instant variety of coffee but instead go for the gourmet touch. After all, it is not as if you will be spending for a coffee chain; just enough for a cup or two of coffee will do nicely!

You can buy gourmet chocolate-covered coffee beans online, package them into personalized tins or bags, and wrap with a ribbon. You will be giving your guests a welcome boost at the end of or in the morning after the festivities.

There are other edible wedding favors that you can provide your guests. The first thing to do is to determine what you like, what your guests might like, the time you can devote on making or buying them, and the amount you can afford to pay for them. In the end, it is your wedding and your favors are just small tokens of appreciation that guests will take no matter the cost.

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