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Bridal Fitness

Getting your body trim and fit


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Getting your body trim and fit!

One of the biggest concerns for all brides-to-be is the matter of getting into or staying in shape for the wedding. Most everyone wants to lose a few pounds just in general, but lots of brides feel pressured to get their bodies fit as a fiddle in order to look their best and take terrific photos for their big day, not to mention fit into their dresses properly! We at Best For Bride encourage all women to feel happy and comfortable with their bodies, regardless of the size, but if you’re looking to shed some pounds and gain some lean muscle to shape your body up for your wedding day, here are a few things you can do.


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Now, of course you shouldn’t expect to hit the ground running, so to speak, if you’ve never ran or even jogged before. By all means, this is an exercise that comes through process and hard work. However, running is one of the best cardio exercises not only for improving the function of your heart, but for burning calories and fat. Some studies even suggest that running boosts the amount of calories your body consumes after you’re done exercising. Enlist your maid of honor and a few other friends and see if you can’t all get on a training program together, either on your own or with a trainer from your local gym.

Kettlebell Training

Training with a kettlebell adds strength training to your exercise regimen. You can usually find them in graduated weight, meaning that you can find a smaller, less heavy one to start out with. The great thing about kettlebells, as opposed to traditional dumbbells and other weights, is that the weight is not evenly distributed throughout the object. This means that your body has to work harder in order to remain stable and have good control over its movements. Kettlebells have handles to grip onto at the top, making them easy to hold onto and use during exercise.

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Jumping Rope

Who said exercise couldn’t be fun? You can revisit your childhood and burn a surprising amount of calories at the same time. Of course, you can start out with a standard jump rope, but you can also buy weighted ropes as you progress throughout your training. The amount of calories you burn during your exercise session depends on whether or not you are using a weighted jump rope, how many jumps you do and how fast, etc., but you can burn close to a thousand in one hour, once you’ve gotten yourself accustomed. Not only are you burning those calories, you’re also getting an excellent cardio workout that strengthens and tones your arms, legs, abdominals, and your joints.

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There are many ways to get fit, stay in shape, and prepare yourself for your wedding day without overwhelming yourself. Remember to drink plenty of water and get good rest! For more advice regarding wedding planning, check out the Wedding Tips section at Best for Bride, the best place for brides-to-be.

3 thoughts on “Bridal Fitness

  1. I never thought about jumping rope to lose a few pounds for the wedding. Great idea! If I remember correctly, it’s an awesome cardio workout… plus, it’s inexpensive!

  2. I would and Yoga for keeping stress out of my mind. Great bridal fitness idea! Thank you!

  3. I had a friend who had worked so hard to lose weight and get in shape for her wedding that she fainted right before her vows. It turned out she hadn’t eaten anything for 48 hours so she could fit into her dress. This is not how you want your wedding day to go. She later regretted her quick weight loss plan and wished she’d gotten a dress that fit in the first place. Its one thing to be in the best shape you can be for your wedding, but take it slowly. Start working out before the big day, so you can be in top form, rather than fainting from hunger. Common sense goes a long way.

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