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Why You Can Not Have a Wedding Without Wedding Favours

Planning a wedding takes a lot of careful analysis, time management and budget assessment. However, a lot of brides fall short on the last bit. Budget forecast. The first thing they would think of is to cut a fraction of their expenses by foregoing wedding favours. Of course, it seems like a logical choice. Some bridal shops would even recommend it. Why would you tighten your spending on your plus size wedding dress? Or your shoes? Or your menu? You have been dreaming about your plus size wedding dress, your shoes and your menu for months. It would be rather unfair if you suddenly alter it, right?


However, have you considered how being unfair you also are to deprive your wedding guests of little souvenirs of your special day? Most brides have not considered that. Wedding favours are actually considered gifts from you and your fiancé to your guests.

There are so many reasons why you should not forego giving away wedding favours to your guests. We will point out a few of them in this article.

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Wedding favours show your guests how much you appreciate their presence. It shows graciousness, gratitude and proper etiquette. Guests would definitely leave a wedding, whose hosts possess those qualities, smiling. Wedding favours also serve as mementos. Don’t you think it would be great if you give each of your guests a little something which would stir the earnestness and warmth of your wedding day? These little keepsakes are whole lot better and more intimate than just giving your guests copies of wedding photographs.


Wedding favours show thoughtfulness. It means that you have put in much consideration into its preparation. Guests know when wedding favours are hastily chosen from out of a bridal shop’s catalogue or if wedding favours are carefully deliberated.

Wedding favours give guests an idea of the bride and the groom’s personalities. The guests get a glimpse of the bride and the groom’s interests and persona. Hence, it is highly recommended that your wedding favours portray a bit of the bride and the groom’s fascinations.

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Wedding favours symbolize love and eternity. The hopeless romantics will definitely rejoice. Receiving wonderful wedding favours would increase well-wishers and supporters of your matrimony.


To sum it all up, these wedding favours are actually essential aspects of your wedding day. It is impolite and rude to celebrate your special day without giving little thank you trinkets to your guests. These wedding favours are indispensable — although not nearly as indispensable as your plus size wedding dress. Wedding celebrations ought to be a happy, marvelous occasion. That not only goes for the bride and the groom, but for all of your guests. Make each and every person on your special day as comfortable and pleased as they could be. By the wedding favours that you so heartily chose for them, you can bring smiles of gratitude into each of their faces. Each one of their smiles and well-wishes will surely ring through your mind for the years to come.

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  1. they will appreciate any token of thanks you decide to give, that something from the heart, even it not too expensive.

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