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Tips on Trying on Wedding Dresses

There are quite a number of not-so-lucky brides out there who have this similar sob story: “When I tried on the wedding gown at the store, it looked perfect. Now I look awful and it is already too late to find other wedding dresses.”


In these situations, all you can do is suck it in and walk down the aisle as if you are the hottest bride on earth. Alternatively, you could grab one of the bridesmaid dresses and walk down the aisle with it. Or to be sure that you would not hurt someone’s feelings, you could just grab one of your old evening dresses and pretend it is your wedding dress.’


However, to save yourself from troubles such as those, you could try to follow these tips. It does not hurt to remember that prevention is better than cure, Ladies. These tips will aid you in trying on wedding dresses.

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1. Do not starve yourself the week before you try on wedding dresses. Be realistic. Starving yourself will not help boost your self esteem. Instead, there is a great chance that starvation will dampen it. Let us put it this way. You lose 5 lbs on a crash diet because you want to look great when you try on wedding dresses. A few weeks later, you plateau. On your big day, you are no longer the same size as you were when you first tried on the wedding dress. Now, that is a disaster. Try on the dress without torturing yourself. Just love your size. What matters is you will be comfortable with yourself when you walk down the aisle.


2. Try on as many styles as you want. It would be a lot better if you could determine the style and cut that is perfect for you. Find a style that is not too restricting. As much as possible, avoid too-tight dresses. These might prove uncomfortable for you on your wedding day. Instead, go for comfortable wedding dresses. If you feel comfortable in your wedding dress, you would be confident with yourself. Same goes for bridesmaids dresses, they also have to be comfortable to wear.

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3. Do not alter the dress after you already purchased it. If you change the cut or the style after you have already purchased the dress, there is a great chance that you would totally ruin its overall impact. Choose a dress that you love, then leave it as it is. Remember, you wear the dress. You are in control. If you know you will look good, you will definitely look good.


4. Wear your accessories and style your hair the way you want it when you go and fit your wedding dress. It would be quite nice to see the overall impression of your wedding dress beforehand.

5. Walk around in your dress. Walk around the bridal shop and assess how comfortable you actually are in that dress. It would be a lot better for you to gauge well the degree of comfort the wedding dress could bring.

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